I have a confession to make (don't judge). I just read the book Bully by Penelope Douglas last week. I know what you're thinking. L? How could you miss out on such an awesome book for all this time. The truth is, I don't know how I missed reading it. The good news is, I FINALLY DID and omg what an amazing read!!

Let's talk about the physical description of Jared Trent. It actually made my heart beat a little faster. Dark hair, dark intense eyes. The intensity of his gaze penetrated into my soul and I never even saw him. His personality so brooding and intense that he's still in my brain and I finished Bully about a week and a half ago.

Jarred doesn't start out a swoon worthy, perfect boyfriend. He started out as a jerk. He was a bully. A Horrible bully. He treated Tate (or Tatum as he called her) terribly, so badly she went away junior
year to study abroad. He played a sick game with Tate, putting her down, turning people against her, he completely embodied the meaning of the word bully.

It's something Tate can't understand, because until the summer of the year they were thirteen they were best friends. They were together all the time. Sneaking across their backyards to hang out at night, Jared helped Tate put back together the pieces after her mother passed away. Now going into their senior year, they are bitter enemies. Only this time Tate doesn't plan on being Jared's punching bag.

This time Tate plans on evening the score and every time she retaliates against something Jared does to her, her brain tells her, this is how a bully is born. But, because of how good that whole getting back at Jared thing feels, every time he pushes, she pushes back.  Until one time she pushes too hard.

There were a lot, I repeat a lot of shitty things Jared did to Tate in Bully. But when Tate finally breaks Jared. IT. WAS. GUT. WRENCHING. I cried for Jared, I cried for Tate and I cried because everything was finally out in the open. Well almost everything. Because if you are like me and haven't read Bully, I'm leaving you the best parts to discover.

Okay, I'll share one because it was just so super hot. There's a kiss between Jared and Tate. A kiss filled with pent up anger and desperation. A kiss that was soooooooo hot, I had to stand in front of the AC. At that moment all I thought about was how much I wanted to be Tate.

I love Penelope Douglas' writing and I honestly don't know why it took me so long to get to read Bully. But, I can also tell you I won't ever wait long again. Like all Penelope's books don't get to comfortable, because there's always a twist around the corner.

I can't imagine you haven't read it, but just in case, go and one click or buy Bully ASAP! I'm obsessed with this book!

Five super swooning stars for Jared and Bully.


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