Mine by Katy Evans

First, I'd like to wish everyone a happy holiday season! A little late on Thanksgiving, but the sentiment is there.  
Hoping everyone will take time to enjoy the holiday season and don't forget....Read!! Read!! Read!!

So, now, for Mine by Katy Evans. I must confess real life got in the way and it took me a little longer to finish Mine than it normally takes me to read a book with such a worthy book boyfriend. I can tell you, I automatically fell in love with Remington "Riptide" Tate the second he jumped out of the ring in Real and chased Brooke Dumas out of the ring to introduce himself to her.  The way he spoke to her.  That kiss?? Holy hell why couldn't that be me?

If you read Real, and who hasn't? You know the back story between Remy and Brooke. Mine takes their relationship to the next level.  Not to sound corny, but Katy Evans made Remy and Brooke's love totally, well, real.  They love each other so much, but it's not in that creepy obsessive love that sometimes happens in adult contemporary novels.  It's the kind of love that while you're reading you're thinking....where do I get my own Remy?

As much in love as Brooke and Remy are, Brooke still has insecurities about their relationship and he is still uber possessive of Brooke. Once again, not in a creepy way, or maybe it's just me and I think everything Remington does is adorable. Whatever it is, theirs is truly a love story.  

But of course, what is a love story without (as my book buddy always tells me) bumps? And Remy and Brooke have several bumps to deal with. Their biggest hurdle seems to be Brooke's freak out every time she thinks about Remy and other women.  She fears when Remy "goes dark", he'll just forget about everything they have and well for lack of a better word, bang anything that moves. Seriously, the way Katy Evans describes Remy, I can't lie, that would be my fear too. Is Remy one of the good ones? You'll have to read to find out.

There are a few other bumps.  One being that snake Benny "The Scorpion". He's still trying to throw Remy off his game, by doing really screwed up things to Brooke.  What that jackass doesn't know is everything he does, just makes Remy more determined to take him down. What fun it was reading that scene.  Karma's a bitch Benny. Hasn't anyone ever taught you that?

Brooke and Remy also come across another "bump" in their road to happiness. This one is both happy and a little bit scary. It also keeps them apart for weeks. So, Brooke's insecurities sky rocket and our boy Remy goes dark. In the weeks they are apart, thank goodness Brooke's BFF Melanie is there to take care of her. Truthfully, her parents are judgmental and don't get me started on her sister Nora. At first they definitely do more harm than good to our girl Brooke.  

When our lovers finally reunite...holy hell!! They have a sex scene so hot, I'm surprised my book didn't go up in flames. At this time Remy and Brooke decide they can't be apart anymore and Brooke goes back out onto the underground fighting circuit with him. 

In Mine we also meet Remy's dreadful parents. They are truly awful people, who don't realize what a wonderful son they have, no thanks to them. And you go Brooke, because she lets them know exactly what she thinks of them. This I believe is the biggest "bump" in our story. But with Brooke's love, the love of his friends and his own determination, Remington Tate shows us what he's made of.  

I absolutely love the support and encouragement Brooke gives Remy to make him understand what a wonderful man he really is and I love, love, love how much Remy adores Brooke. 

Remington Tate is an amazing book boyfriend and totally swoon worthy.  I have to give Mine five out of 5 stars.  If you haven't read it yet. What on earth are you waiting for?? Go read it!!


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