Three is a War is book 3 in The Tangled Lies series by Pam Godwin. You must read book 1- One is a Promise and book 2- Two is a Lie before you read Three is a War.  This book was an emotional roller coaster. I cried, I was mad, I was happy, I felt apprehensive... you name it, I'm pretty sure I felt that emotion.  I really really loved every word! Pam Godwin had me so engrossed and so immersed I really was lost in her pages.

Now, we know where Book 2 leaves off, Danni drugged looking at the words "it's not over" in the bottom of her coffee cup.... Well guess what?, it most certainly is not over!!  Trace and Cole and Danni holed up with nothing but time and decisions to make on the horizon. I mean, you didn't think they were letting her walk away did you???

       "We're a tangled, damaged, unfortunate tragedy of love" - Danni

Well, I always had my favorite of the 2 men, but honestly, either one is a win win right?  I mean Cole is this sexy as all hell hot surfer/biker guy.. who wouldn't fall head over heals? Then comes Trace.. This handsome Nordic God... How does Dani even begin to choose?  The sexy times between the couples, and a certain Birthday scene... smoking hot! To be perfectly honest, it seems completely impossible to me for Danni to let someone go..

   "I fell in love with two men and lost myself. I'll stay in love with one and find myself again"- Danni

Well as time goes on, it becomes clear who Danni is going to choose... but seriously, expect the unexpected because things can change in a minute. I have to say, my heart was torn into three giving each one of these characters a piece of it. My heart hurt for them all.  There was no easy choice, there was no obvious choice, really, there was no choice at all....

One of my favorite things from this book is when Danni describes Trace and Cole in the form that most relates to who she is a person; a dancer. "If Cole were a dance he'd be the Tango" and "Trace is a beautiful Waltz". This, these lines right here and the descriptions that come along with them... well it's everything, it's perfection, it's Cole and Trace personified.

     "My heart beats for you and only you, not because you command it, but because we're meant to be"- Danni

Who is Danni talking about?.... oh enjoy the trip and put your seals belt on, cause this is one hell of a ride!!!  I can't even tell you how much I love this series!! It is easily in my top favorite series ever!! Pam Godwin somehow, some way writes a love triangle that makes you feel love and compassion for all three characters. They were each innocent, yet guilty and completely endearing.  I fell in love with all three of these characters, in fact, I'm hoping Ms Godwin decides to give us a whole other story, the story of the man who was not the one for Danni. Cause for reals, I loved him!

5 lip smacks for Three is a War by Pam Godwin...


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