As I sat down to write this review, I went through some of my past reviews for Kelly Elliot. She has written so many of my favorite book boyfriends its crazy. And I don't mean the kind of book boyfriends that you swear you'll love forever and then forget when the next boy comes along. I mean book boyfriends that I think about long after I've finished reading the book. Example number one Gunner Mathews. From the day I read that book, Gunner has had a tight hold on my heart. Then I met Lark Williams and swooooooooon.

But no one has come close to Gunner's perfection, until the Ward brothers came onto the scene. You met Preston in Searching For Harmony and now in Fighting For Love you meet his older brother Finn.

Oh my glitter! Finn Ward is actual physical perfection. Like his brother Preston, Finn is a firefighter, so we know his body is on point. He's broad chested and covered with lean, hard muscles. His eyes are green and his hair is dark and tousled. There is not a more perfect specimen in this girl's opinion.
He is super gorgeous and the women love him. And let's just say Finn takes full advantage of his gorgeousness. That is until he sees the stunning Rory Adams and every other girl seems to fade away.

I am all about instalove and that's what happens in Fighting For Love. Rory works for a law firm that represents the firemen's union. Her first meeting at the fire station, Rory and Finn lock eyes and from that moment on, they can't stop thinking about each other. Finn starts asking around about Rory, only to find out, the girl that he can't get out of his mind is the daughter of his boss Captain Adams. Oh, and just to make it more interesting, for an adorable reason from his past, Cap doesn't really like Finn.

Rory Adams is a definite workaholic. She's very driven and wants nothing more than to please her mom and dad. The law firm she works at, is where her mother is a partner, so she always feels like she has to prove herself. People in the firm are always waiting to see her fail, so she always feels like she has to be perfect. Add to that her dad has specifically told her she cannot date any firemen and crushing on Finn Ward is not a good idea. And dating him on the sneak can't possibly end well.

After a few chance encounters, misunderstandings and rejections, Rory decides to give Finn a chance and go out to dinner with him. Their connection is incredibly strong and unbelievably hot. Burning hot like I need to fan myself because I'm going to spontaneously combust hot.

I thought Finn's brother Preston was perfect?  Sweet Lord, Finn made all of my parts tingle. The intensity of their attraction was apparent to everyone. They literally couldn't keep their hands off of each other. When they finally give in to their desires, together they are flaming hot.

Finn's friends tell him he's playing with fire (literally). If he gets caught, he can get transferred, or worse, Captain could fire him. It doesn't matter to Finn because he's falling hard for Rory. Rory hates keeping a secret from her parents, but she's falling equally hard for Finn. They know it's going fast, but it feels right and they're not letting go.

I love Kelly Elliot's writing style. It's so natural and flows into a beautiful story each and every time. She has the ability to make you fall in love with people from the pages of her books. If you haven't tried her Boston Love series yet, give it a one click. It's as sweet and charming as the Wanted series everyone knows and loves.

Four sweet and charming stars for Finn Ward and Fighting For Love.


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