I've been a fan of Monica Robinson since I one clicked Complicate Me in December 2015.

With every book I've read since, Monica manages to pull me in deeper and become more invested in her stories and characters. Ends Here is no different. I was pulled so far into this story I could feel the pain and angst in the characters. I cried with Mia. My heart broke wide open for Noah and Creed. I was on a roller coaster of emotion and it didn't stop even after I finished reading.

Because after I finished reading it, I just kept trying to wrap my mind around everything that happened. So many secrets. So many lies. And in the end, a truth that just blew me away.

Of course Ends Here picks up where Road To Nowhere left off. If you haven't read Road To Nowhere yet, stop reading this, go one-click it, and come back after you're done.

After a shoot out at the Jameson home, Mia is missing from the spot Creed left her in to keep her safe. Without revealing too much, Mia is pregnant with Creed's brother Noah's baby and is now missing. The story revolves around keeping Mia safe, from what no one really knows and of course the two Jameson brothers who are completely in love with Mia Ryder.

I won't lie, I started out as Team Creed, but somewhere along the line my alliance switched to Noah. Quite possibly because I am insanely attracted to Steven James. But anyway, these two brothers love with everything they have. They both adore Mia and are ready to give their lives to keep her safe. 

Speaking of the sexy Jameson brothers, those scenes had me literally squirming in my seat. Creed and Noah both know how to please a woman and those boys are like the energizer bunny. They keep going and going. Two hot inked up alpha-male brothers trying to earn one girls heart. Hold on, because it's going to get messy.

Then M throws Martinez and El Santo into the mix and you are in testosterone overload of the best kind. You will never believe who El Santo really is and the truth of the CDs Martinez left for Creed you blow you away. Truths will be told, secrets will be revealed and I promise each one is more jaw dropping than the other.

Of course the good ol' boys are involved in Ends here . There is definite alpha overload and I loved every bit of it. They are so sexy and badass, I could read their stories forever. 

How could I forget Mia? She is a perfect combination of Alex and Lucas. She's a feisty little thing and doesn't take crap from anyone. That sassy mouth of hers is always getting her into trouble. Sometimes it's trouble of the naughtiest, sexiest kind (swoon).

Monica's writing style and the detail she puts into her books take you right in to the story. She can write pain and angst like nobody's business and damn can that girl do sexy too. I guarantee you will be completely invested in her characters. Possibly almost to the point of obsession like yours truly.

Ends Here is a story of loss and redemption. But mostly it is an epic love story that will stay with you long after you've finished reading. I know this because I finished it the day it came out and I'm just getting over my book hangover now.

Five sizzling Jameson brother stars for M. Robinson and Ends Here.

OMG! I almost forgot, M's famous the story is over for Mia and _____.  But it's just beginning for......will absolutely blow you out of the water!!!


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