"Five years ago I didn't think it was fair to ask you to wait for me. Well, I'm going to be selfish and ask you to do just that. I'm praying I didn't fuck things up beyond repair. Because I'm coming back for you, and once I do, I'm never letting you go. I need you because you're my anchor. My light. My salvation in the night. My angel. My peace. The best part of me. I love you. Please, wait for me."

I haven't started a review with a quote in a long time. Not because I haven't seen any, but because none have any touched me in quite the way this one has. As I typed in my classroom after school, I kept tearing up. There are books you read that are good. There are books that you love. And sometimes there are books that consume you. An Act Of Courage will forever be one of those books for me. It is a book that I couldn't put down. It is a book that touched my heart in a way very few books do.

You may be aware that I at times read books and series out of order. Example, I started this series before I read the Men of Honor series. Several of my book friends told me I was crazy and I needed to read Jaxson, Sawyer and Cade's story. So, to be ready for An Act Of Courage, I made sure I read the series. And yes, I fell absolutely in love with all three of those men. But Cade's is the story who touched me the most.

In Cade and Faith's story is where we first meet Christopher and his little sister Ruthie. Their lives have not been easy and Faith is the best thing to happen to them. We also know that this is when Christopher and Alissa first begin their relationship.

From the very start of An Act Of Courage you can see how much Christopher and Alissa love each other. Their plan was for the two of them to go to college together. Unfortunately, Alissa's disgustingly pretentious mother throws a wrench into their plans. Alissa goes off to college and Christopher becomes a Navy Seal.

When Christopher comes back home after being a Navy Seal for five years he's different. He's lost and there's a look in his eyes that tell you he's seen some terrible things. Sadly, he doesn't share his pain with anyone. Not Faith, not Ruthie and not Cade.

Before he goes down a completely self destructive path, Faith intervenes and sets Christopher up with a class at her music school. When the students name him Mr. Grouchy, you kind of know he's got a lot to work on.

The reunion of Christopher and Alissa is definitely not what you'd expect or hope for. That being said, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that their love has never died and they are two people who should be together.

Christopher Walker is a book boyfriend that will always stay in my heart. I loved him from Resisting Temptation when he didn't believe in himself and only Faith, Ruthie and Alissa saw how special he was. I was proud of the young man he became. His love, his loyalty, his honor, everything he did was done with passion.

I adore Alissa. She always believed in Christopher and loved him with her whole heart. She was ready to forgive him for anything and promised to love him no matter what.

I was so emotional while I read this book. I had that squeezing feeling in my chest the whole time. KC Lynn writes so beautifully. Her stories are unique, her characters come to life through her words. Let's not forget how very sexy those Men of Honor are.

KC,  An Act Of Courage is a book that has forever touched my heart. A huge five honorable stars for Christopher, Alissa and the Men of Honor.


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