Ladies, we've been waiting for CJ and Riley's story for a while now. We've been impatiently waiting for our next Bama Boy and he's finally here! 

I can tell you right now IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT! J. Daniels has crafted a story that is sweet, sexy and has a whole lot of that Tully charm. So much charm, that I felt like I was cheating on Ben Kelly for the whole book.

CJ Tully is absolutely delicious. Tall, built, a face that's irresistibly gorgeous and that sweet southern charm make CJ a very desirable book boyfriend. One I've been replaying sexy scenes with in my head all week long.

In case you don't know, CJ is on the Ruxton Police Department with Ben and Luke. And of course Reed Tennyson (who happens to be Riley's big brother) round out this friendship. The boys have been friends for ages and it helps out that their girls are friends too.

What I Need starts out at Reed and Beth's rehearsal dinner. You probably remember, CJ had a thing for Beth for a while, but Reed shut that right down. I wasn't exactly crazy about CJ back then, but now CJ Tully is exactly what I need!

Arriving late for the rehearsal is a newly single Riley Tennyson. Even though she's very upset over the fight and breakup with her long term boyfriend, she can't help but notice how insanely attractive CJ is. When she finds out he's her partner in the wedding things get even better.

So what do you do when you're at your big brother's wedding without your plus one? You drink tequila. Lots of tequila. CJ always the good guy tries to get Riley to stop drinking tequila. Have I forgotten to mention the intense attraction these two have for each other from the very start?

That attraction leads to a very steamy wedding weekend with the CJ and Riley sneaking into each others rooms to get to know each other better. These two get to know each other intimately in a very short amount of time. Just playing the sound of CJ's voice in my head with that sexy southern drawl melted my insides. And every time he called Riley darlin', I almost spontaneously combusted.

Unfortunately, when the wedding ends and everyone goes home, Riley totally friend zones CJ. I was so disappointed and even though CJ agrees to being friends, he was more than disappointed. All of a sudden Riley starts to pop up everywhere. They've lived in the same town forever and never ran into each other. Now Riley is everywhere.

CJ decides he'd rather have Riley as a friend than not have her at all. So friendship it is. I love the way their friendship plays out. They have fun together. They laugh together and of course they tell secrets together. They're sweet and funny and yes even as friends still very sexy.

Do you think Riley can keep CJ in the friend zone? I'm not sure if I could. CJ is everything a girl could want and more.

The Alabama Summer series is one of my favorite book series ever. I have read them more than once. Ben and Mia's story, more than that. And while Ben will always be my number one Bama Boy, CJ is a VERY close second.

J. Daniels creates characters that you want to know. You wish you could be part of their friend group. I know I do. You feel the love they have for each other and how protective of each other they are.

What I Need is a book that will make you smile, swoon, and maybe even cry a little bit. You won't want it to end. I think CJ and Riley's story has become my second favorite in the Alabama Boys Series. Even though I cheated with CJ Ben, you're still my number one.

Five sexy, southern charm filled stars for CJ and What I Need!

I'll tell you a secret CJ. I really, really like you.


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