If you follow this blog even a little bit, you no doubt know of my absolute devotion to Molly McAdams. Even though she crushed my soul in Taking Chances and Stealing Harper, I adore her.

Blackbird, Molly's newest creation is a departure from anything you might expect. It's darker and more mysterious. It's different from anything I've read in quite a while and I loved it.

Briar Chapman has it all. She's smart and beautiful. She's marrying the man she loves in just a few weeks. But even though she has every reason to be happy, you have a feeling that everything may not be a rosy as it seems.

In a case of mistaken identity and for lack of a better word, Briar becomes the property of one Lucas Holt. Lucas Holt is dark and brooding and has lots and lots of secrets. He is also gorgeous with dark piercing eyes and dark hair that he constantly runs his hands through.

I never thought I would be able to love someone as dark as Lucas. I have definitely liked dark characters, but no one who stirred the emotion in me that he did. You can see the way he struggles with his darkness throughout the story. Lucas doesn't even try to pretend. He straight up tells Briar that he's a bad man. 

The circumstances of the way Briar and Lucas come to be together are heartbreaking. I'm trying so hard not to say too much, because Blackbird is a book you need to go into knowing very little. I can't lie, some of it is hard to fathom, but I was spellbound by this story of light and dark.

As the story evolves you see the change in both characters. The best way to get me to love a book is to make me fall in love with the characters. And yes, I loved Briar and believe or not I fell in love with her devil. The dynamic between the two characters changes as the novel goes on and I'll give you one clue. It becomes sinfully sexy.

With Lucas and Briar's changing relationship comes a danger that you may expect, but will also still shock you. An ending that will blow you away and a lesson that even the darkest souls can find the light.

Blackbird is essentially a tale of love and redemption that will keep you turning page after page.

Molly McAdams Blackbird is a story I will keep with me forever. It proves that even in the darkest souls there can be light and love. Five swooning stars for Blackbird and a book boyfriend I would never expect to fall in love with.



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