Have you ever read a series, or watched a TV series and before you got to the last book or season you just couldn't be bothered with finishing? The King series is definitely not one of those series. If Tracey Frazier kept writing it, I would read anything King related. It is such an amazing series, that once schools out, I'll be doing a reread. I own the entire series in paperback and e-book. It is the only series I own that I will NEVER lend to anyone.

Each time a new book came out, I would drop whatever I was reading and start T.M.'s book. Never once have I been disappointed by anything she's written. And let me tell you, I am still a King girl and I wish I was Doe. But Preppy? Who knew behind all that sarcasm and the bad ass swagger, not to mention his unusual sexual fetish, Preppy would be so damn delicious?

Before I even start talking about Preppy Part Three, I have share, you will be much happier if you read the entire series before you start Preppy's books. If you don't you might get an idea of the story, but it will just bring you farther into the world of Logan's Beach.

But back to Preppy Part Two. At the end of the story while I was busy preparing for my HEA for Dre, Preppy and their newly adopted son Bo (who I absolutely adore). Sadly that HEA didn't come as we watch Dre gets drugged and thrown into the truck of some random stranger's car.

This is just the spot where book three starts. Who's trying to take Dre? Why is someone trying to take her? How are they going to get her back? 

Is it weird that I thought is was ridiculously sexy when King, Preppy and Bear take off after Dre's kidnappers? They are such alpha bad asses, they got me all sorts of excited.Basically, the story revolves around the kidnapping and who did it and believe me Preppy has no problem taking out anyone that gets in his way.

I've always been super in love with King. I thought Preppy was the less cute, funny, completely twisted friend. I had no idea I would get such feels for Preppy. He was super sexy and over the top in love with Dre. And let's not forget that very special body part that makes everything feel so good. Which leads me to Preppy and Dre together. So hot I needed a cold shower. Every time they were together, anyplace they were together, they were sexy as sin and blazing hot. Who knew crazy Preppy would be so very good in the bedroom?

Preppy Part Three is a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. A plot twist I never saw coming and a scene between King and Preppy that actually turned me into a puddle of melted goo. 

Honestly? I wish the series would never end. I could read about these characters forever. More than anything, I just want to get into Tracey Frazier's mind and see what exactly goes on there. How did this woman create these effed up characters? And how did she make me fall in love with people that in real life I would absolutely frown upon? All I know is she did, and I can't say enough good things about the entire series.

I can't imagine any not having read this series, but if you haven't start one clicking now,  and get ready for the awesomeness that is T.M. Frazier. And sorry you can't borrow mine!

Oh and two more random thoughts...

Because pancakes
Bowtie till I die

Five fantastic stars for Preppy Part Three  and the rest of this series that I love so hard!


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