Sometimes Emily and I come across a book that's so good, we feel like our review just can't do it justice. 

These are books that actually touch our souls and we just can't say enough good things about. Sugar and Gold is one of those books. I had it on my TBR and when Emily sent me her review, I knew I had to move it up and read it ASAP. I am so glad I did because Sugar and Gold is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever had the opportunity to read.

Emma Scott has truly blown my mind once again.   She has filled my heart, my mind and my soul with a happiness that is so pure I am literally crying. She has filled me with love and beauty and all that is good in this world. I really don't know how she does it every damn time.  

Nik is absolutely the most beautiful and gentle and loving and good man. He has endured the worst of humanity and asks for nothing in return. He's never known love in it's purest unconditional form and yet, he's so giving, so kind so beautiful inside, I'm just in love. 

Fiona, has also had to suffer so deeply, so insidiously, so heartlessly yet she still glows, she's still kind and gentle and decent... She's still pink. 

I swear I can close my eyes and see the colors, I can feel the ken, I can see all that is golden. I close my eyes and I can see the beauty and the truth in Nikolai's paintings. I can fell his heartbreak, I can feel his love for Fiona deep down in my bones, in my heart.  

There is no better feeling than reading a book and becoming a part of it's world. Thanks to Emma Scott's beautifully descriptive words and pages I was there. I was in this story. I was a part of it. 

I am crying because I feel happy, because I feel content, because I feel the beauty of these two humans and their love.  

I feel the gold Emma! I'm starting to think that that is your special "gift"   That you're truth in life is to make readers feel good by reading your words. You make my life better every time I read one of your stories, so I thank you wholeheartedly, for giving me your gift!! Please, please, keep writing and sharing your gift with us!!  I am truly grateful!!

Oh and Emma, thank you for letting us visit with my first true love of yours, my Evan!!

Em asked me to add on to this review, but she said everything so beautifully, I'm not sure I can say any more to convince you to one click Emma's book immediately.

Emma Scott's language and imagery are absolutely stunning. She takes two broken characters and though they have never known love, they heal each other with unconditional love. 

Nik is a beautiful man inside and out and Fiona is this almost ethereal being that exudes goodness.

Sugar and Gold is a book I read in one sitting, but a book I will go back to read again and again.

Thank you Emma Scott for writing such a captivating story and Thank you Emily Cas for making sure I read it. 

5 golden lip smacks from me!!! (And me!)


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