"DeVon was a womanizer. Then again, I was a self-proclaimed man-eater, so I suppose we were on equal footing there." ~ Krissy Jensen

OK....So Chasing Perfection II picks up where Chasing Perfection leaves off. Briefly, Krissy Jensen takes a huge gamble by picking up and moving from the East Coast to the West Coast for a job that is not in her field of expertise. It also has her working for an impossibly sexy boss in the form of one DeVon Ricci. 

DeVon Ricci own Mirage Talent and he hires Krissy on as his protege. He's going to take her under his proverbial wing and make her a super star agent. The whole interview process Krissy has endured to acquire this job is one big lie after another. Krissy, a strong independent woman is surprised at herself for taking the position. DeVon Ricci is controlling, conniving and so damn hot Krissy can't get him out of her head.

Did I mention Devon? The man is a mystery. He's controlling, dominant and a huge player with a crazy appetite for sex. Going against everything he believes in, he begins to let Krissy get to him. I say he's a mystery, because you never quite understand why he behaves the way he does when it comes to women.

For instance in Book One DeVon is seated in Krissy's hotel room when she gets to LA. He's there with three women in varying stages of undress and sexual positions and he acts like it's perfectly normal to ask Krissy to join in. 

At the start of Book Two, DeVon takes on a would be actor as a client solely because Taylor (the actor) is interested in Krissy. Employees of Mirage Talent are not allowed to date their clients. Soooooo, taking Taylor on and showing up on Krissy's would be date with him is just one of the little head games DeVon plays with Krissy.

After sharing one out of this world kiss initiated by Krissy, they both think they can fuck each other out of their respective systems. They would be a great idea if they could do just that. Their chemistry is explosive. DeVon's  has absolutely met his match in Krissy. At one point, before their initial kiss, DeVon makes the statement to Krissy that she won't leave Mirage because she is too much like him.

DeVon's got all of these rules for himself and women that he finds himself breaking when it comes to Krissy. They challenge each other at every possible turn and they basically drive each other crazy. I think the opening quote says it all. These two power players are on equal footing and it freaks them out.

Devon Ricci is six feet three inches of brooding intensity. Hard body, thick black hair that he constantly runs his hands through when he's thinking about Krissy, dark eyes that gleam when he's excited, and don't get me started about what the man is packing. Krissy's description makes it sound like the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. Just reading their intimate encounters made me feel like I was going to spontaneously combust. 

So of course, when two people are getting involved in uncharted waters, one of them always screws up. By the end of out story both of our players are coming unhinged when it comes to the other. I'm not going to tell you who gets the honor of the screw up in Chasing Perfection ll, but I will tell you when you reach the last page, you're going to be like, wait!....That's it?....Nooooooooo!....There's got to be more!

Fortunately, there is more. You just have to wait about two more weeks for Chasing Perfection III, to come out, which is the conclusion to Devon and Krissy's story. 

I'm absolutely giving Chasing Perfection ll a five lip smack review. I can't wait for more DeVon and Krissy. DeVon Ricci may just be one of the sexiest book boyfriends I've ever come across.


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