"Sarabeth, I've loved you in one way or another your entire life." Her eyes turn misty, and I have to clear my throat before I continue, "You are my life. You and Amelia. I want to spend the rest of my life with you both, going to sleep with you every night and waking up with you every morning. I want to watch you be a mother to our daughter, I want to watch you love her fiercely. As fiercely as you love me. There will never be anyone else for me but you, I will love you every single day." ~ Jeremy Meloni

Jeremy Meloni is one of the most swoon worthy book boyfriends I have come across this year. He literally has loved SaraBeth Pearson all of her life. This kind of story is my favorite kind of book ever. The story where the boy and the girl have loved each other for ages. You know they'll never love anyone else, but for some reason they can't quite get it together.

Jeremy and SaraBeth's story starts in Everything I Shouldn't and YES you have to read it. It is a little heartbreaking and I admit, I did cry in the end, but it's just so good. Jeremy is SaraBeth's brother's very best friend. The three of them have been through a lot together. Jeremy comes from a horrible family situation and David and SaraBeth lost their parents when she was fifteen. Yes, Jeremy and Sarabeth have always had feelings for each other. SaraBeth spent all her free time with Jeremy growing up. He was there when David couldn't be. They really started out as best friends. Jeremy never wanted to act on the feeling he had. Their age difference, SB being his best friend's little sister, but as much as they tried to ignore or dismiss their feelings, they wanted each other. Badly.

Everything I Need starts off where Everything I Shouldn't left off. Jeremy and SB have been caught in a compromising position by David and all hell has broken loose. Jeremy has been kicked out of the house and David treats SB like she's got a disease. 

Now SaraBeth has to tell her brother, someone she loves more than anything that she is pregnant with Jeremy's baby. Of course David's reaction is one of anger. He wants to tell Jeremy right away that he has to man up. But SaraBeth doesn't see it like that. She wants Jeremy to come back because he loves her, not because she's having his baby.

The thing is Jeremy does love SB. He just thinks he's not good enough for her. Can you imagine? He is absolutely perfect. Dark hair and eyes, completely fit body, olive complexion, oh damn *fans self* Anyway, we know from the first book, his mother is a drug addict who only comes around when she needs something and the aunt and uncle who raised made sure he knew they were only doing this as a favor to his nonna. Nonna is the one who you know loves Jeremy. She also believes Jeremy and SaraBeth belong together so I love her for that.

Finally, Jeremy decides he wants his Lil Bit back and he'll do everything in his power to get her to trust him again. There are just so many obstacles for them. David, crazy issues with Jeremy's mother and a skanky one night stand who just won't go away. But there is good news. Jeremy decided he wanted SB back before he knew about the baby. Which is a good thing because EVERYONE was giving SB pressure to tell him she was pregnant.

This book just totally got to me because Jeremy and SaraBeth's love was so strong. As much as they tried to fight it, they knew their was no one else for them from the time they were much younger. They just had a lot stacked against them. I'd like to add that Jeremy was an awesome teacher when it came to him and SB in the bedroom. He was her first and that just made it so much better. The thought of Jeremy in bed is just so....oh....I just can't.

So Jeremy and SaraBeth undeniably have deep love for each other. Will they be able to be together? How does Jeremy feel about SaraBeth having his baby? If you want to know go and one click Everything I Need now!! And if you haven't already read it one click Everything I Shouldn't first. I'm seriously obsessed with this series. I can't wait for more!!

Of course I'm giving Everything I Need a five lip smack review. The story is just so good and you want SaraBeth and Jeremy together so bad, you'll be yelling at your Kindle. Jeremy Meloni is most definitely going to make another appearance on Riley's Book Boyfriend list for 2014. He is the perfect amount of hotness, with loads of sex appeal. His protective nature and fierce love for SB just make him an ultimate book boyfriend. 


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