Tour: Aim for Love by Pamela Aares

"I almost lost the most precious person in my life due to those walls, to that vow, not to mention my shame and pride. I love you, Sabrina. I can't offer you the world you're accustomed to. Not yet, and maybe never. But I can promise that I will love you with all that I am and all that I have."

Obviously, reading what Kaz Tokugawa says to Sabrina Tavonesi, clearly makes him a swoon worthy book boyfriend. Kaz Tokugawa is an incredibly spiritual character. He is insightful, respectful and loyal. He's also been hurt badly in the past. Treated badly by some because of his Japanese heritage, he never feels like he measures up. The only girl he ever loved was sent away from him because her father didn't want her with a Japanese boy. Not only is Kaz trying to keep his families peach family running, he's also trying to make a coveted spot on as a pitcher on the Giants. The same team his friend as his friend Alex Tavonesi. Alex has asked Kaz to help his sister work out her injured shoulder. Sabrina was attacked by a fan and has been unable to heal properly. 

Sabrina reluctantly agrees to let Kaz help her. She's getting ready to do a sequel to the movie that's made her famous. She's also been having nightmares and doubts about the role she's about to take on.

When the two see each other for the first time, it's like they're hit by a lighting bolt. There's an energy that buzzes around them and you see the sparks fly. Problem, Derrick Ainsley is there. He's Sabrina's costar, mentor, wannabe boyfriend and he's definitely a tool. He's rubbed Sabrina's family the wrong way and he does the same to Kaz. This is my favorite kind of story. You know...they meet...instant attraction...and then they both fight it.

As Kaz and Sabrina work together, their attraction only grows stronger. Kaz works Sabrina out physically to help her shoulder, but also mentally. Even with all Kaz is doing Sabrina's nightmares get stronger. The night Kaz finds Sabrina sleep walking and winds up naked and in bed with her is definitely an interesting scene in Aim for Love.

The night they finally give in to their passions, it's holy hell hot. Then there's the inevitable freak out and our would be couple push each other away. Kaz's loyalty to his family has a lot to do with this. He made a vow to his grandpa and those vows affect his whole life.

Throw into the mix a murder, a drug ring, a very random marriage proposal and you have a story that will have you glued to the pages, wondering what's going to happen next.

It's no secret that I have a thing for baseball players and Pamela Aares is giving me my fill with this series. If you haven't started the Tavonesi series yet, you should. I'm giving Aim for Love a four lip smack review. It's a stand alone story, but it helps to know the rest of the characters. Start at the beginning and enjoy the ride!!


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