“Bottom line, Emmy, you deserve more than someone broken with more baggage than he can carry.  You deserve the whole world and not just the smallest island on it” - Maddox
Maddox and Emmy… Need I say more?  Everyone, including me, has been waiting to hear their story and Oh what a story it is!   From the very first page I was hooked.  The background stories for Emmy and Locke will leave you with your mouth hanging open and your heart breaking! I am so glad Harper went back to the past, especially where Maddox is concerned.  After hearing what Maddox went through during his life, I had one of Oprah’s “Ah- ha” moments.  I just got it.  And boy oh boy was I shocked when I learned about Emmy’s past.  These 2 could not be more perfect for each other!

The story picks up after Coop died, (Yeah that killed me) and Maddox goes to Florida to find Emmy and bring her home.   What he finds is a sad Emmy in a terrible situation.  I was so excited when, what we’ve all been waiting for happened, and Maddox literally sweeps Emmy off her feet and carries her away!  But, there is no fairy tale HEA for these 2 just yet.
“Let’s get one thing straight. It’s never been that I don’t want you. I just can’t have you” - Maddox

As the months go by we find Maddox struggling with the fact that he doesn’t want to poison Em with his black heart and the love he feels for her.  He doesn’t want to keep pushing her away, yet he can’t help it.  Emmy is struggling at the same time to put her past behind her and stop taking the blame for Coop’s death.  Through it all she continues to have faith in her love for Maddox because she has seen his beautiful heart and she knows how much love he can give if he just opens up.  But everyone has their breaking point, and that night at Asher and Chelcie’s house when Mad finally pushed Emmy too far is when she reaches hers.
 “You’re the angel my demons beg to make fall. The pureness and light that my darkness wants to extinguish”- Maddox

It takes Cohen, a child, to make Maddox see what is so painstakingly obvious to everyone around him and to open his eyes and realize that maybe, everything he has always believed is wrong.  He knows that now is his time to fight for him and Em, and after he finds his house empty and Emmy gone, he hopes it’s not too late.  Before this happens, the worst part of her past catches up with her and Emmy suffers because of it.  I cannot give too much away here but I will just say that Maddox is a hero once again!

After finally admitting his love to Em, they begin to tackle Maddox’s demons.  And holy shit, does Maddox Locke have some great big demons.  Emmy will not give up and she will keep slaying them until Maddox sees in himself what Emmy has always seen in him, a beautiful man inside and out, and a man who is truly blessed.  Em is a patient woman as we all know, and Maddox needs that now more than ever.  If you weren’t already in love with Maddox Locke (seriously, is there anyone who wasn’t?), you will be now!
Her love started it all, and she never gave up until I believed her - Maddox

And let me tell you all something.. This Epilogue!! GAH!!!!  I just can’t.  I absolutely loved how Harper let us all see our Corps men and their women years down the road!  Kids, craziness and age won’t ever change Axel, Cage, Beck, Asher and Maddox. Gotta love those sexy as sin alpha men!!  She also gives us a glimpse into the future generation of the Corps men and boy is this going to be fun! 

5 lip smacks to Harper Sloane for Locke!!  And a side note here from me.. I loved reading the Corps Security series and I will miss them all. Thank you Harper Sloan for giving us such a juicy, wonderful series to get lost in for a while! You rock girl!!


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