"I've only known you for three months, but we've lived together and worked together for almost every minute of that time. Your talent and you heart drew me, and it feels like I fell in love with you a lifetime ago. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, every minute, every night. Wherever you go, I'll go there too. We should be together, always, no matter what." ~ Jonas Rees

Totally sweet and swoon worthy right? But it's rock and roll, seriously how often does that work out? I will tell you the guy who says those words, Jonas Rees, is just amazing. Anytime I read about the brown hair, green eyes combination, you've got me.

So Jonas Rees is the manager of Killer Valentine, the hottest band around. When the story begins, Killer Valentine is looking for a female back up singer. Who would have thought that slightly chubby (according to her) and plainish (also according to her) Rhiannon Macallen would get the gig so many perfect, silicon implanted blondes were confident would be their choice? After all, the entire band is filled with gorgeous, ripped guys (at least that what the cover of Rolling Stone magazine shows). Well she impresses Xan Valentine (lead singer) enough with her "interesting" voice and gets the gig. A word about Xan. He's a huge workaholic and an even bigger control freak. He also can be a little diva-like, but I actually liked him.

Rhiannon is thrilled to have the job. She's been living in a sort of rocker flop house, driving a broken down car and working all sorts of jobs just to pay vocal coaches. The band sees that Rhiannon is uber talented, so she gets a three month contract to go on the road with the band. Oh one little bit of information...the band is like hanging on by a thread. Even though they're hugely popular, they have a lot of problems and Jonas is just trying to keep it all together. 

Jonas also sees a little something more in Rhiannon. He is completely attracted to her. That would be fine, if the band didn't have a strict no fraternizing rule (read, no fucking the band members). Of course Rhiannon is attracted to Jonas too. Who wouldn't be? He's beautiful and a kick ass business man. One night their attraction blows up into full on lust and that non fraternization clause goes straight out the window. Jonas totally falls for Rhiannon deep and fast. Rhiannon is afraid to get caught, because she knows she'll get fired. Jonas says it's only a rule for band members and he's the manager. Hmmmmm.

Killer Valentine goes on tour and they are huge. Some nights the roadies have to run the band members to waiting SUVs so fans and groupies can't get them. Life on the road is exhausting and one night during a concert something tragic happens to Xan's voice. Something's happened to his vocal cords and his voice is a mess. Jonas wants to cancel some gigs. Workaholic Xan refuses. Rhiannon picks up some of the slack and Jonas realizes she could probably be a huge star in her own right.

With their relationship turning to love, Jonas wants to tell the band about them. Rhiannon freaks out because she knows that'll be the end of her in the band and Xan will send her right back to the transient life she led in LA.

But, there's something Rhiannon doesn't really understand about Jonas and obviously I'm not sharing it with you. I will tell you Rhiannon is completely focused on a music career. Will she choose love or a career? (Whispering it).

I also need to add, I love this band. The terrible threesome made up of drummer, Tryp who seems rather naughty and two more band members, Rade and Grayson who absolutely belong in rehab not on a countrywide tour. Then there's quiet Julliard grad Cadell. He doesn't say much, but I have a feeling there's a lot is going on in his head.

Some of the shenanigans the terrible threesome pull will make you laugh out loud. And sometimes you'll worry somebody might OD, but hell it's only rock and roll.

I'm giving What a Girl Wants a four lip smack review. I'm excited to hear the rest of the band's stories. Tryp's up next...this I gotta hear.


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