Separation is book 2 of the Kane Trilogy and like its predecessor, Degradation, this story kicks ass!  It is so hard to believe this is only the second book from Stylo Fantome, because her writing is amazing.  I literally could not stop reading this book until I finished.  Her characters have depth, her story lines are unique and she has given us the most interesting secondary character I’ve ever read about … Sanders!

Sometimes, Sanders felt like he had to fix everything….

Separation picks up where Degradation ended, in the middle of a shit storm!  Jameson is awakened from a drunken stupor by the police when he finds out Tate was in an accident and in the hospital.  Sanders has quit and he knows he made a complete mess of everything.  Spending every night by Tate’s bedside while she sleeps, we see Satan has a heart after all.
        This is not a game. She is so much more than a game.  Maybe she always was. – Jameson

After being released from the hospital, Tate is struggling with her life.  She feels ashamed of what she did, and destroyed by Jameson.  Ang is acting weird and with her sister at her apartment, she moves in with Nick, though they remain only friends.  Sanders, it seems is the only person she is herself with and their relationship grows. 

Two months after the accident, Sanders takes Tate to Spain where she comes face to face with the devil himself.

            Eight weeks. Four days. Eleven hours. She stopped walking. Seven years. Stopped breathing. Not long enough. - Tate

Despite Jameson’s best efforts at being, dare I say, nice and patient with Tate, she just cannot trust him.  She believes he is, has, and always will just be playing games with her. 

It seemed like every time Jameson got somewhere with Tate, she would remember how it felt being in the pool that night, and she would just shut down.  Of course, his stalker ex constantly hanging around did not help, and Tate could not believe that they weren’t together. No matter how many times Jameson tried to tell Tate how much she means to him, she just couldn’t hear it.  She guarded her heart and tried so hard to not let Jameson in. 
“Jameson. This isn’t a game. This is my life. I don’t want you playing with it”-Tate
“Baby girl, sometimes I wonder if it was ever a game” - Jameson

Stylo lets us see a whole lot more of Sanders in this book.  He is such a quirky and interesting person, I think it is impossible not to care about him.  And I must admit, I want a Sanders as my BFF!!!
“You should stop playing games, both of you. Say how you feel, mean what you say” – Sanders

After another explosive ending and a crazy look into the third book of this trilogy, I am dying!!!  I need book 3 NOW!!!

I have to say, that this book was truly one of the best follow ups I have ever read.  The characters evolve and grow from one book to the next.  That’s not to say that this book isn’t gritty and edgy, because there definitely is that too. Seeing this whole new side to Jameson was a beautiful thing!  I have always accepted him for what he was and I always felt that he had real feelings for Tate, and that is so completely obvious in Separation.
“I hurt you, and I’m still finding it difficult to forgive myself. If you had died Tate…, there are no words……. I would have been sad because my world is a very lonely place without you.” – Jameson

I fell in love with Satan in Degradation, and I’ll be damned, but I love the devil even more now! 

I give Separation a very hot and steamy 5 lip smacks!  This series is a must read!!!


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