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Their Sins Series 
by Effie G.
About the Author
Effie G. is the alter ego of an undisclosed superhero. Saving manuscripts from errors during the day, and pounding out words in her next novel at night. She is the mother of enough children for a basketball team and wife to the most amazing man in the world.
When she isn’t doing bookish things, you can find her out in her garden, or chilling out with a cup of coffee and classical music cranked up on her iPad.
The Midwest author loves all things British, coffee, and gummy bears—in no particular order.

Rules of Her Sins
(Their Sins, #1)
Rules of Her Sins by Effie G.jpg  
With dreams of being the youngest and richest CEO in the country, Jesse McCoy heads off to college with her best friend in Indiana. Where she meets who she thought was the man of her dreams, or so she thought. Then a careless night alters Jesse’s dreams, possibly forever.

Back home from college, Aedan Hughes wasn’t planning on working as a personal chauffeur to his boss. Quickly he learns that his boss is grooming him for a position of a lifetime which includes meeting the one woman who lights his fire.

Will Jesse have to completely let go of her dreams to get her life back? Is Aedan just setting up himself for a heartache?
Her past sins rule each of their futures, and only he knows how it will play out.
Chapter 47
I’m so glad Jesse suggested heading straight up to the room because I didn’t want anyone looking at her. She looks fucking amazing. I want to lick, suck, and kiss every inch of her body. Getting the key to the room, I grab Jesse’s hand and head towards the elevator.
We get in and the button for the ninth floor is pushed, when the doors close, I press her up against the wall of the elevator. I would love to take her here, but I’ll wait. I have a little more restrain than that, well, maybe. The reflection of me fucking her reflecting all around us, makes me hard thinking about it.
The car dings, and I drag her out of the elevator before the door fully opens. Luckily, our room is right off the elevator. I insert the key and throw open the door. I pull Jesse up to me and pick her up. I don’t give her time to say anything. I walk through the suite and straight to the bedroom.
There is fruit and champagne waiting on us, but we don’t need any of that. We just need each other. I need to be inside of her. I look at her beauty as I lay her on the bed. I don’t want to mess up her hair or makeup, but I can’t stand not being inside of her anymore.
“Sit up.” I command her. She sits up, and I reach around her and start to unzip her dress, moving it out of the way. “Stand up.” She stands and I finish unzipping the dress and let it fall around her feet in a puddle of fabric. Now she is standing with her back to me in just her heels and panties. I inhale a quick breath. She’s just stunning, and I want to rip her panties off and make her scream my name. It will all happen soon enough.
“Sit back down, leave your shoes on, and lie back down on the bed.” She doesn’t question me. I guess she knows not to with the tone of my voice. I get up, looking at her lying there on the edge of the bed with her heels and panties on. I’m going to take care of that right now.
I rip her panties off her body, she gasps as I do, and I kneel down, not even going with foreplay and start licking and nibbling on her wet center. It doesn’t take much to make Jesse’s appleness taste coat my tongue and lips.

“Oh, Aedan. Please. You’re overdressed. I need you in me.” She moans out in a breathless voice. This isn’t how I planned this going, but who am I to deny this hot little sex kitten…

 (Their Sins, #1)
  Blackmailed by Effie G.jpg
Growing up the son of a prominent lawyer had its perks. Chet Boston used the perks to his advantage until a family secret comes out and threatens everything that Chet has going for him.

He thought he wanted the life of a playboy with a different woman in his bed every night until he meets the woman that he thought was his forever. Leaving him wanting nothing more from another woman.

But that all changes when his secret is revealed. Will he choose love over family?
Chapter Twelve:
“Oh, really? I think I might have other ideas for tonight if you keep up with the ma’am business.” She acts all serious.
“What? I’m just being polite.” I frown.
“Got ya!” She laughs.
“I’ll get you.” I take her in my arms. “I think we need to forget fishing or hiking for the night. I think something else has come up.” I leer.
“Sounds good to me. Let’s hurry. I want to enjoy this.” She grabs a few bags and starts heading towards the cabin. Living me behind to catch up.
Unlocking the door, we carry the bags in and shut the door. Jesse is on me before I can even say a word. Forget the foreplay. She is all business. Fumbling with the button on my shorts, she finally gets them undone and they are falling down my leg.
I have no idea where the bedroom is and it seems like she doesn’t even care. She is rubbing my erection through my boxers. She unties the strings on her dress with her other hand. When if falls off, she is completely nude.
I take a sharp breath in. “Forgetting something?”
“No, I was going to seduce you tonight if you didn’t come on to me first.”
“Ah. I see. Well, let’s not keep you waiting.” I push my boxers down and she jumps in my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. “I need to find the condoms.”…

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