"Jesus, I'm not in love with her," he protested as he pulled me closer. "She's just someone from my past now. I'm not playing games here, Cara. Yeah I admit, I messed up the other night. But you did too." His eyes flickered enviously. "But you can't just run away when things get tough. There's something between us, something that's real, I know you can feel it." He pushed his body up against mine, invading my space. "You just need to get out of your own damn way to see it." ~ Cam Greer

The night Cam Greer and Cara Pratt see each other for the first time they knew their lives were going to change. I just don't think they realized how much they would change. This book has a lot of twists, turns, and a part that caused my jaw to drop... I loved every minute of it.

Cam and Cara have both been hurt by people they love. Cam's dad is a huge talent agent and he's never sure if girls like him for him, or if they like him because they think his dad can make them famous. That is until he met Amber Murphy. Amber was Cam's first everything. Unfortunately, Amber left Cam and he's never been able to get over her. Word about Amber...she's one of the most awful characters I've ever come across.

Cara has been hurt by the most important men in her life time and again. Her own father abandoned her as a child and the love of her life deserted her when she told him she was pregnant with his child. Cara knows she isn't ready for any kind of commitment. But she also never expected to meet Cam and fall so fast.

The thing about Cam and Cara is their hearts know they're falling in love, but their heads are telling them they're not ready for a relationship. Cam is so freaked out by what he feels for Cara the night they dance after meeting at the bar Cara manages, he leaves her stranded on the dance floor and actually leaves the bar.

Cam knows he made a giant mistake and does his best to convince Cara to give him a chance. On their first date they have a great time. Conversation came easily and they were comfortable with each other right away. That night their physical attraction explodes and they share an unbelievable night together. 

Their sexual chemistry is off the hook hot. But it's not just sex. They're falling for each other. All the while trying not to put a label on what they have. I actually wanted to yell at them and say "Don't you know you're perfect together!!" Only I knew they wouldn't hear me so I read on.

Someone comes back into town and sends Cara and Cam's relationship into a downward spiral. Their break up is just awful and they make so many mistakes that you'll be tearing through the book praying for the ending you want.

For all his flaws Cam turned out to be a great book boyfriend. He was model handsome and his job as a firefighter kept him totally fit. I hated that he was so conflicted about Cara. I just wanted them together. 

Cara has had to fight for everything she wanted in life. She's a so much stronger than she realized. I got why she didn't want to fall in love with Cam, but it doesn't mean I liked it.

There is so much more to tell you, but I'm not going to. You really have to read it. I promise it's a story that won't disappoint you.

I'm giving Falling for Fate a four lip smack review. Cam and Cara's relationship will keep you involved from the first page to the last.


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