"Sky,  my intention wasn't to reject you." His eyes blazed with fire. "I wanted to devour you but now is not the time. Not like this." 

"It was a gift when the priest told me if I fell in love, I would die. Finally, the nightmares would no longer haunt me and there was only one person who had ever truly captured my soul." His gaze pinned me into place. "The girl who changed everything."

~ Daemon Henley

Sky Noel was born to die. Of course she didn't know that for the first seventeen years of her life. 

Sky was born with a gift, "the eye of knowledge". Basically, it means she has the gift of seeing the future. Only Sky's gift has to be activated by kissing her true love. It probably would've been good to have this knowledge before she met the very attractive zombie that was sent to well, kill her for the Priest of Santeria.

Santeria is a religion that mixes Catholicism and Voodoo. That's some combination right? Anyway, the Priest of Santeria isn't very powerful anymore. So he has some minions of super strong zombies, but he's just not as revered as he wants to be.  Guess what he needs for this to happen? Sky's blood, and not just a little, he needs to drain her.

So how does the devastatingly handsome Daemon Henley fit into this picture? Well after he was tricked into becoming a zombie, he was sent to bring Sky to the Santeria Priest. Only instead of kidnapping Sky, he falls in love with her. PS...there's a reason Daemon shouldn't be in love with Sky.

After that incident, Daemon makes it his mission to keep Sky safe. Although Sky's mom doesn't believe that and wants her to stay away from the zombie boy. Unfortunately, Sky is drawn to Daemon and there's like an electrical between the two of them. You can literally feel it through the book. They want each other badly, and while their encounters are very tame, you know that if they finally get together, their chemistry is going to explode.  Of course they have to stay alive for any of this to happen.

Once the Santeria Priest's minions start getting too close, Daemon and Sky run away to New Orleans. They find themselves at the home of Mrs. Ruth, a voodoo healer and the woman that saved Daemon when he left the Santeria enclave. At this point we learn a secret that can possibly tear Daemon and Sky apart. During this time they battle zombies and try to come up with a plan to strip the Santeria Priest of his power. 

Sky is definitely a strong female character. She's faced with her own mortality and yet the girl never loses her sense of humor. It's not only her chemistry with Daemon that's appealing, because even though they're wildly attracted to each other, there's more to them than just sex.

Daemon is absolutely swoon worthy in every way. He's beautiful, sexy and he is fiercely protective of Sky. He tells her the Santeria Priest took his soul, but he definitely has not lost what makes him human. I know I'm a sucker for love at first sight stories, but the way he talks about seeing Sky for the first time gave me chill bumps. And whether she knew it or not, when she saw Daemon at school for the first time it was the same for her. Sky tells her mom she can't have the gift of seeing the future, because she's kissed lots of boys and well nothing. *Whispering loudly* I think she was waiting for Daemon.

Do these two actually get to kiss? I'm not telling. I will tell you when they finally come to the final battle with the Priest of Santeria, you're not going to be able to put the book down. You'll have to find out what happens. You might bite your nails a bit and even shed a tear. But you'll have to read The Accidental Kiss to find out anything else. 

I'm giving this book a four lip smack review. I really liked the story and I loved Sky and Daemon together!!


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