"Give me your hand." he reaches out and takes my hand in his, placing my palm on his chest.

"Can you feel it?" He whispers. "That's you inside of me. You make that happen. I was missing something in my life, I was searching for years and, when I saw you, I knew. It was you all along. You are the heart that pumps life through my body. Each beat belongs to you, because is is you. I am you Amelia." ~ Alexander Reeves

Amelia Jones is an American living in England. She  married her high school sweet heart after getting pregnant and followed him from San Francisco to England so he could pursue his dream of being an artist. Thomas promised Amelia they'd only be there for a year. They've been away from the U.S. for almost ten years.

You get the feeling from the start that Amelia and Thomas are in a loveless marriage. They're more like roommates than husband and wife. Thomas brings Amelia down. He undermines her confidence and makes her feel unattractive. Thomas tells Amelia at 30 she's no spring chicken anymore.
Amelia's taken to avoiding mirrors because of this statement.

One day on the way to work, as Amelia is mulling over the state of her marriage, she wonders what happened to the love she and Thomas had. Of course she feels like things would have been different if they hadn't gotten married so young. 

As she gets to work, she remembers she's getting a new boss. His name is Alexander Reeves and he's from the United States. She later learns he's also from San Francisco. You can feel the sexual tension in the air from the minute they meet each other. 

Alexander is very suggestive to Amelia. It's like he saw her and he has to have her. He doesn't care if she's married or not. Amelia is extremely attracted to her new boss. She wants him, but she doesn't want to be a cheating wife who hooks up with the first man she's attracted to.

In fact after their initial meeting, Amelia is so hot and bothered, she goes to her husband's studio and has naughty lunch time sex with him. 

Alexander Reeves is gorgeous, built and a very powerful man. He also is an incredibly sexual being. The chemistry between these two just smolders as they skirt the issue of a sexual relationship. It seems while he's very attracted to Amelia, Alexander doesn't do relationships. There's a reason for that, but you're going to need to read to find out.

So you know that these two will not be able to stay away from each other and when they finally give into their desires....holy's like spontaneous combustion. Their relationship is definitely not a traditional one, given Amelia is a married woman, and Alexander doesn't seem to care. 

Their date nights are very different from most people's date nights. Alexander has a thing for, well, parties at sex clubs. When he brings Amelia he brings her in the submissive capacity. You will be squirming in your seat when you get to these parts of their story. Alexander and his unconventional sexual habits unleash Amelia's inner vixen. 

The thing is, their relationship begins deepen and it seems like this may go to the next level. But remember, Alexander doesn't do relationships. Yet something about Amelia gets under his skin.

Let's not forget in all of this that Amelia still has a husband. A husband that's a creep, but a husband none the less. She also has adorable twin boys that she obviously doesn't want to hurt.

The story gets very messy when Thomas finds out Amelia's been unfaithful. But Thomas has some secrets of his own. Secrets that made me like him less than I liked him at the start of the book and I didn't think that was possible. 

So let's see...Alexander has secrets, big secrets...Thomas has even bigger secrets. Of course once Alexander decides he wants Amelia, Thomas wants her more. You have to read to find out who wins Amelia's heart. I promise there are twists and turns you don't want to miss. There's also a scene in a restaurant that sweet Jesus will make you need to change your panties.

I was surprised at how Alexander Reeves who oozes sex appeal becomes swoon worthy. He's hot as hell and sexually he is a god. 

I also wondered when I first saw the title how a collar can make you feel free. Well I get it, even though Alexander put a collar on Amelia, she's was more free with him in every way than she ever was with Thomas.

I'm giving The Collar of Freedom a four lip smack review. Amelia and Alexander are a hot couple and their sexcapades are off the charts.!!


  1. Holy hell, what a review. I need to reread the book again now. I'd forgot how HOT it was. I do love Amelia & Alexander. And your right about Thomas (at least in my opinion)

  2. Wow! A spontaneous combustion! I'm writing The Collar of Sacrifice right now but you are making me read it again! <3 Glad you loved it!!


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