Through death there was life. Through hate there was love. In the end there was you and that made it all worth it.

In the same way that you can switch the letters of a word around to see another hidden meaning, such is life. A life can be defined by its hardships or its blessings. It's all a matter of how you look at it. ~ Elec O'Rourke

Ok...So I knew I had to read this book from the second I saw the first teaser. The teasers are sexy, but they're also funny. The comments that both Greta and Elec make will make you laugh out loud.

I was lucky enough to get this advance copy and of course I sat right down to read it. It's been a long time since I sat down and read a book all in one sitting, but once I started Stepbrother Dearest I couldn't stop reading.

Greta, a high school senior, has no idea she has a stepbrother until she finds out he's coming to live with her for a year while his mother takes a job abroad. Not really sure about how to feel about this situation, her life gets a little more difficult when Elec storms into her life like a hurricane. Elec is beyond beautiful. He's a tattooed, pierced, drool worthy piece of art and Greta finds herself automatically attracted to him. Then he opens his mouth and guess what? Elec is a complete tool. He basically makes it his mission in life to torture Greta. Which earns him the nickname stepbrother dearest (a play on the book Mommy Dearest?)

Anyway, Greta, who is a fabulous character tries not to let her stepbrother get to her. She even tries to get back at him for the annoying things he does to her. Every time Greta thinks she gets Elec, he gets her back generally with something uncomfortable and sometimes, um, sexual. So living with a hottie that you definitely are thinking of in ways you really shouldn't doesn't make life easy for Greta. The back and forth between them will have you laughing out loud. The thoughts that go through Greta's head made me giggle as well. Those times like when he randomly kisses her, or when she steals his clove cigarettes, will have you panting. 

The family dynamic totally changes when Elec comes to stay. Randy, Elec's father and Greta's stepfather is horrible to his son. He constantly puts him down and tells him what a disappointment he is. Greta hates hearing Randy put his son down and eventually comes to Elec's rescue. Of course there's a turning point for these two and they become friends. Elec's even shared something with Greta that he's shared with no one. (Whispers the book.)

Then comes the time when Greta and Elec become more than friends. It happens over time and you'll see it coming (no pun intended). Elec tries to fight it, but their attraction and dare I say the love between them is just too strong. After turning her down once, Elec  gives into his desire and takes Greta's virginity. It's very hot and intense, it's also beautiful because even though they're young, their feelings for each other are very real. 

Did I mention, this is the only time they ever have together because the very next morning Elec goes back to California to take care of his mom? It's harsh and heartbreaking, but true.

Greta and Elec don't see each other for five years and unfortunately when they come together it's not under happy circumstances. Even worse...Elec has a girlfriend, a serious girlfriend, who is sweet and really loves Elec. Seeing each other is like whoa. It hurts Greta because in her heart she's decided there's no one for her but Elec. Now Elec has Chelsea and he keeps reminding himself that he loves her.

Of course there's more to the story than this, but I'm being a good girl and trying not to give anything away because I want you to read it. Stepbrother Dearest made me laugh and cry. When it was over I wanted more. While I am completely in love with Elec, who turns out to be a beautiful person on the inside as well as the outside, I also love Greta. She's feisty and is quite possibly the only one who saw there was more to Elec than his smart mouth and wild ways.

Elec is definitely on my short list for Riley's 2014 Best Book Boyfriends of the Year. Physically, he's perfection. Those shamrocks and that lip ring drove me wild. After a rocky start, he proved to be a really solid guy. Did I once again fail to mention Elec has one hell of a secret? He also has a fantastic imagination and a penchant for creating anagrams. If I was as clever as Elec, I could create and anagram for "you are amazing", but unfortunately I am not. 

I'm giving Stepbrother Dearest a five lip smack review. It was everything I hoped for and more. A fabulous read that everyone should one click!!


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