"Kate, I hope you find this. I love you so completely and I believe in you and us. I'll never give up on us. Whatever it takes, no matter how long we're apart or how far away we are from each other...this love we have will find a way. I'm helping you check off #9 - Play your favorite music. Shinedown was your favorite band, I know that, so maybe these words will speak to you as if I wrote them and sang them just for you." ~ Sam North

I will tell you right now that Sam North will melt your heart. For a guy that thought he'd never fall in love, when he found love...holy hell...he was absolute perfection.

Finding Now (True North 3) is the third book in a series by author Allie Juliette Mousseau. The books center around the North family. Five gorgeous boys and one very protected girl. Finding Now (True North 3) focuses on Sam. The North family is an extremely close group and you can see that in the interactions they have during this particular story.  Sam actually has a twin who is just as yummy and lives life a little on the edge. As a matter of fact with two exceptions, this family of boys are all involved in more than their parents very lucrative ranching and oil business. Sam is not only a graduate student, but also plays in an up and coming Seattle band called Chasing North.

Graduate student Sam meets Katherine Jolie, who happens to be his very attractive professor, the day he walks into her classroom.  Sam being well,  Sam asks the incredibly gorgeous Katherine (who used to be Kate) out every single day. And every single day, she turns him down. Katherine has a HUGE secret. She has basically spent the last six years of her life merely existing. A horrible accident all those years ago has basically crippled her. 

The thing about Sam is he's made the decision never to fall in love, only we all know life doesn't always work out that way we plan. As the two get to know each other, Sam falls in deep with Katherine. He has taken to calling her by her last name, Jolie and I just thought that was one of the cutest things ever. 

Sam becomes what Katherine needs to begin to heal from a traumatic loss that she's suffered. He helps her work on a list that her psychiatrist created to help Katherine live again and maybe, just maybe recapture who she used to be. Sam is particularly willing to help her with I believe number six and let's Katherine know how very good he can make that for her. 

Soon the woman who's been punishing herself for six years and a man who thought he'd never fall in love do just that.  Sam realizes it first. He's ready to give everything to his Jolie. She is more apprehensive.  Katherine believes someone like Sam would never be satisfied with just her. He's insanely good looking, in a popular rock band and several years younger than Katherine. So clearly in her eyes he can't possibly know what he wants.

The night the two finally give into their passion, Sam just proves over and over how outstanding he is in that department. Let's just say, he's very giving.  

If only they could stay snuggled up in bed, or on Sam's motorcycle, or the back of his car, life would be perfect. But a huge success for the band threatens a relationship neither one is ready to end just yet. Who would've thought that Sam would be willing to toss this opportunity aside for his Jolie and who would've thought she would be strong enough to send Sam away. 

Will Sam be able to convince Katherine to give their love a chance? Or will Katherine's fear keep them apart? Silly readers...of course I'm not going to tell you. I really want you to read Finding Now (True North 3).  I can share one bit of information, I will be reading the other books in this series. I do feel pretty sure that so far, NO ONE will be a better book boyfriend for me than Sam.

I'm giving Finding Now (True North 3) a four lip smack review. Sweet, sexy Sam definitely made for a very good story. 


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