I didn't want to move. Izzy looked sweet and almost angelic lying in my arms, curled around me. I knew that, the moment her eyes opened, her wicked tongue and smart words would be nonstop. The girl needed to stop running - or at least pretending to.

I never believed in love at first. Lust, yes, but not love. The only problem was that I did love Izzy Gallo. She wasn't like other women who'd spent time in my bed; she was in a class all her own. ~ James Caldo

So first I thought I was crazy about Michael Gallo after I read Hook Me. Then I read Throttle Me  and Throttled and I thought no one Chelle Bliss came up with could possibly be hotter than City. Holy wrongness!! James Caldo (yes, his last name means hot in Italian) is literally the hottest book boyfriend for me of the year. Olive skinned, dark haired green eyed hot bodied James had me panting through the entire book. His naughty mouth, his controlling, cave man ways...sweet Jesus I nearly spontaneously combusted reading Resist Me. Chelle has totally outdone herself with this one!!

Izzy Gallo is the only sister of four very hot, very protective, very alpha male brothers. But Izzy is no shrinking violet. She's gorgeous, she's feisty, she's sassy and she doesn't take mess from anyone. Not her bossy, cave man brothers or Flash her friend with benefits. So what is it about James Caldo that makes Izzy ready to submit to him and not think twice about it? 

In case you've forgotten, or crazily haven't read Throttled yet, James is Izzy's brother Thomas' partner in the DEA. Thomas is working deep undercover and sends James to City and Suzy's wedding to deliver a wedding gift. The second they meet, sparks fly and Izzy and James wind up in bed. After spending a very hot, steamy, drunken night with James, Izzy slinks out of his room the next morning. Vowing to herself to never let that happen again. James is dangerous for Izzy and she tries to stay away.

That brings us to Resist Me. Izzy going to motorcycle week with Flash against her brother's wishes, gets caught up in some scary biker club business. She not only runs in to her brother Thomas, possibly blowing his cover, but has to be driven back home to safety by James. 

Only Izzy doesn't want to be rescued by James. Izzy wants to get as far away from James as she can. She's afraid of the feelings she has for him. The time they spend together after Thomas orders James to get Izzy back home from motorcycle week safely is filled with sexual tension. I don't know how either one of them didn't explode on their over night because they're both so damn hot. 

After leaving Izzy safely at home, James pretty much makes the decision he's going to make Izzy his. Only Izzy's not really having that. Even though their sexual chemistry is sizzling hot, Izzy tries to kick James out of her bed and her life. She's afraid to lose herself to James. She's afraid that she didn't mind submitting to his bossy, cave man ways in the bedroom. Not that it really matters, because James has made up his mind. He wants Izzy. He wants her like long term. Can't see himself with anyone else. Now James just needs to convince the fiercely independent and frightened to lose herself Izzy that this is a good idea.

Throw into all of this hotness some very interesting information about Flash, Thomas' job bringing danger to Izzy and the fabulousness of the rest of the Gallo clan and you have my favorite Gallo book so far. I love them all, but this one was just so hot and sexy that I read it all in one night.....then I went back just to read the naughty parts again. 

I love Izzy Gallo. She's a total kick ass chick and I would love to be like her bff in one of Chelle's next Gallo novels. There were so many outstanding events in Resist Me, I can't resist sharing them. The text messages between Izzy and James are so sexy and the night she gets wasted on tequila is classic. Izzy is Izzy. There's no one like her. Well maybe James is like the male Izzy. I loved their story and I absolutely can't wait to read what comes next for this couple in the next Gallo family novel. 

I have to give Resist Me a five lip smack review. I absolutely love Izzy and James' story. It's hot, it's funny and there are definitely some surprises in this one. If you haven't read it click it now. 

On to Thomas' story...could he possibly get any hotter than the others??


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