"This isn't a one-time thing. I don't share. Do you understand me?"

"Tell me you belong to me," he demanded. "I need to know you're mine." The desperation in his gaze left her breathless - Knox Collier

I should start by saying I think when a guy says "tell me you belong to me", it's about the hottest thing they can ever say. And when Knox Collier growls those words to Mandy Everett I about lost it right then and there. If you like alpha males and MMA fighters Undaunted is a perfect read for you.

I will tell you, I was completely surprised how my feelings changed while reading this book. I read the blurb and thought I would be all about Knox's youngest brother Rhys. Little did I know that by the end of Undaunted, I was completely in love with Knox. He is an absolute contender for one of my Best Book Boyfriends of 2014. 

His physical description made my heart skip a beat. Shaggy dark hair, green eyes, topped off by a phenomenal body. Here's one more thing, Knox has a very dark side. Actually, it's not just a dark side, it's him totally. In the beginning of the book he's almost scary dark. And that just made him even hotter to me. He's got that whole mysterious thing going on for him and that is a major turn on. Knox has been in love with Mandy for as long as she's been around. The thing is there's always been an unspoken understanding in their fighting community that Mandy belonged to Rhys.

Of course Rhys is hot as hell. He's also a fighter like his big brother and like his father before him. As much as Rhys declares his love for Mandy, he never proves it. Rhys is the ultimate man whore. He loves women and women love him. The thing about Rhys is he doesn't hide it. He brings dates to the restaurant Mandy works at and sits in her section. Mandy puts up with his nonsense for a really long time. Then one day Knox and Rhys' middle brother Dane, goes on a crazy drug binge and wrecks Mandy's house. This makes Mandy open her eyes and opens the door for Knox.

The Collier brothers have led a very screwed up life. Their mother left them when they were very young and their father who was also a big time fighter committed suicide. Each of the boys are broken in their own way. They all have different ways of dealing with their pain. Knox seems to be the darkest, almost seeming like he doesn't care whether he lives or dies.

Mandy is the light in the Collier brother's darkness. While she's broken herself, she's a rock for these boys.

Everyone including Knox think he's bad for Mandy. But, Mandy sees something in Knox that no one else sees. Knox has always been around. He doesn't think Mandy noticed, but she did. He always manages to end up around Mandy and after the disaster of Dane, Knox and Mandy become closer. Seriously, when Knox told Mandy it's always been her, I swooned. When their relationship becomes physical it's like bam!! Knox is blazing hot in bed and in the closet at the gym he works out at. I promise, you'll go back to those scenes over again (hell I know I did).

So what happens when Rhys finds out about Knox and Mandy? Now you know I'm not going to tell you. But what I will tell you is you absolutely have to read Undaunted for yourself. Just leave Knox alone.....he's mine. I have to give Undaunted a five lip smack review because it was just that good.


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