"I love you, Cara," he whispered against her ear. "Marry me. Marry me and we'll slay our dragons together."

"I've learned a lesson that most of you all probably already knew. I was just a bit slow to catch on." He tugged Cara closer. "When loves in the game, losing is never an option."

If you love Jack F'n Carter, you need to read Pamela Aares' Love on the Line. Of course I will tell you to read any book about the boys of summer, but this story and Ryan Rea, had my heart from the very beginning. Ryan grew up a poor kid on a ranch in East Texas. He's made it to the big leagues and has had a taste of the good and the bad. Ryan isn't looking for love, but when he meets Cara West in Albion Bay, he begins to have feelings he's been trying to keep away from. Could he have a life with Cara?

Cara West isn't exactly whom she seems to be. In Albion Bay, she's hiding from the life of wealth and privilege she grew up in. Cara West is actually Caroline Barrington, heiress to a billion dollar fortune. Three years ago she left that life to start over in Albion Bay. Cara drives the school bus for the local elementary school. She grows her own garden and helps out in the community. Obviously no one knows Cara's real identity. She keeps everyone at arms length, until she meets uber hot and completely charming Ryan Rea star outfielder of the San Francisco Giants.

Here's the thing...Cara's beloved community needs a hospital. There are none nearby and after one of the children has a severe asthma attack they realize they need one. Cara has the power to fund this hospital with one signature. When her grandpa passed away, he made Caroline head of a two billion dollar foundation. A foundation that only funds projects with a charitable purpose.

Cara feels trapped. She knows if she heads the foundation, she could do tons of good things with the money. She also knows her simple days in Albion Bay would be over. She's afraid, afraid of the allure of money. Afraid of ending up like many of her friends, consumed by the power of money and greed, especially her best friend Laci. 

While Cara battles with herself, whether or not to chair her grandfather's foundation, she  begins to let Ryan into her carefully constructed life. Ryan thinks he's found this simple country girl, who's not after his money and he wants more. For the first time in his life (ok, kind of the second time), Ryan thinks about a lasting relationship. He's been hurt before and he needs to make sure it doesn't happen again.

While Cara tries to keep Ryan away, Ryan makes up his mind to win Cara West any way he can. I loved watching Ryan break down Cara's walls. They share a kiss that blows them both away. And as much as Cara tries to push Ryan away, she can't deny how much she wants him.

Ryan and Cara have amazing chemistry. From their very first kiss you know they are going to be damn steamy in every other way. And holy hell are they ever!

Then comes the bump...At a benefit Ryan organizes with his teammates to raise money to construct the Albion Bay hospital, someone recognizes Cara. Her cover is blown and Ryan is devastated when he finds out Cara West is really Caroline Barrington, one of the richest women in the world. 

Luckily, Cara's twin brother Quinn shows up for a visit during this bump. He tells her he knows she's strong enough to run the foundation and do good things with the money. The person that's running it now is a creep skimming money off of the foundation for himself.   Quinn tells Cara she's got to let go of her fears. I should mention here that I think Quinn should get his own book. I know he's not part of the baseball team, but I loved him from the second he showed up at Cara's door.

In one of the best scenes I have read recently in any book, Cara goes to a town meeting and explains her deception to the people she has considered friends for the past three years. Ryan listens to her speech and realizes he can't let Caroline get away.

Can Ryan convince Cara they should be together? Will the people of Albion Bay forgive Cara? Will she take over her grandpa's foundation? You need to read Love on the Line. Such a great story and Ryan Rea and his baseball buddies are so damn sexy. I have to give this book a five lip smack review just because I love me some baseball players.


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