"I am only on this damn ferry because I thought it was what you wanted, but I will do anything to make you happy again. If that means leaving or if that means staying." He tucked her hair behind her ear. "You, Haven, are the one in control." Evan Carlson

Haven Owen has lived her entire life on Perry Island. The only time she left was when she went to college for four years. Then she came back and her dad expected her to make her career at the general store that he owns. Haven has much bigger aspirations than that. She wants to be a song writer. She writes music every spare moment she has. She sends her songs to country music agents weekly. Perry Island isn't the future she sees for herself .

Evan Carlson is the world's sexiest bachelor. Every woman wants him, guys want to be him. He found out his When he found out his Hollywood girlfriend Emmy Harper cheated on him, Evan decides he wants out of the movie star lifestyle. So he does what anyone would do. He buys a jeep and runs away. OK, maybe not everyone, but anyone with loads of money and time. He doesn't tell any of his people where he is. The only person he keeps in contact with and trusts is Allan, his agent and right hand man. You might think Evan is this kind of spoiled superstar, he's not. He's this really kind, down to earth guy who is overwhelmed by his life. 

Evan winds up at a campground where he rents a trailer for the summer. Not at all the living standards he's used to, but he likes it and it becomes home. He also uses a false identity. He becomes Jay a writer from Georgia, staying on Perry Island for the summer to work on his book.

When you're staying at a campground you need supplies right? So Evan "Jay" stops at Owen's General Store, where he meets Haven. Haven is not especially happy to be stuck working at the store. She's also having a difficult time of things with her dad lately (read it, you'll find out). Of course there's an instant attraction. Evan is a hot guy and Haven is a pretty girl. So even though they have some chemistry, they both have their own things going on and they don't act on their feelings. 

Then there's Travis. Travis and Haven have grown up together. Travis loves Haven and wants them to have a relationship. Travis is more than happy at the thought of a life on Perry Island. Haven, not so much. Did I mention Travis also works at the general store? Well, he does for a while, then he realizes Haven won't ever be what he wants her to be. He knows he can't keep working side by side with her, so he quits. Guess who steps in to save the day?

Evan has his own issues with his ex. She's making a big push to get him back. Telling all the gossip magazines she'll do anything to win him back and how much she loves him. Evan knows she's got a hidden agenda and he gives Allan the task of finding out what Emmy's up to.

As Haven and Evan spend more and more time together, their attraction grows. Only they both don't act on it. Evan's got this whole secret identity thing and knows he's only staying for the summer. One night they act on their feelings and Evan kind of freaks out. He tries to keep his distance from Haven, but he's catching some pretty strong feelings for her. She feels the same way about him.

Of course Evan has that whole secret life thing going on and he wants to tell Haven and trust her, but he never does. Anyway, the night a hurricane (ironically named Harper) is about to hit the island, Evan stays with Haven and they give into their passion. And damn they are explosive together. 

After the night of the hurricane, they spend a lot of time together. Little by little, they fall in love. They don't tell each other, but, it's there and they both feel it. Then, wait for it...Emmy shows up with the paparazzi and her ploy to get Evan back. Poor Haven is stuck in the middle.

Who does Evan wind up with? How did Emmy find him? Does Haven ever get a song writing deal? You have to read Finding Haven to find out.

I have to give Finding Haven a five lip smack review. I love the story. I love the charm of Perry Island. I love that there's some conflict in the story and hell I love Evan Carlson. He could call me darlin' any time he wants. I do love me a Texas cowboy.

OMG, I forgot to mention, I absolutely adore the new cover!! Check it out!! Evan is a hottie!!


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