“There have been no women before you and there will be no women after you”   ---Jamie

“I’ll be a different man if I can’t have you.  I will never breathe as deeply as I did when I was with you.  I’ll never see the range of color on a perfectly cloudless sky.  I will never smell anything as sweet as you or hear a voice that fills my heart up as much as yours does.” ---Jamie

Seriously people… Aren’t those some unbelievably swoon worthy words?!!

I want to start by saying I LOVED this book!!  After reading so many dark, drama filled books this story was just what I needed!!  That is not to say this book didn’t have its share of angst and drama, it was just different.  There was always an undertone of sweet love that kept all the bad feelings at bay.

Kate Corbin was a journalist living in Chicago.  After losing the last bit of “family” she had, Kate’s chose to listen and believe the words of a lonely preacher-type man she saw daily on her train, they were:  “You’re all you’ve got”. Her writing suffered and she had lost her spark.  Jerry, Kate’s boss, decided to send her on an assignment to interview techie billionaire and vineyard owner R.J. Lawson in Napa Valley.
Kate literally crashed into Jamie, a vineyard worker upon her arrival.  Jamie was charming and handsome and there was instant attraction.  Jamie was tall and lean but muscular.  He had brown hair and green eyes.  He was absolutely charming and flirty.  

After meeting with the arrogant and jerky R.J., Kate spent her time on the vineyard with Jamie.  Jamie seemed to have his hand in every bit of the vineyard.  From cleaning the pools and rooms to working with the grapes.  Jamie was evasive about himself but was always so sweet that Kate ignored it.  They spent time day and night getting to know one another.  Jamie took Kate to dinner and after a romantic night they ended up together in bed. 

After their fourth day together and night spent in bed, Jamie disappeared from her room not to return the next day.  Hurt and feeling used Kate left Napa and returned home to Chicago.  Kate felt duped by everyone at the vineyard and wrote a scathing article about R.J. Lawson. 

That’s when the s**t hit the fan!  A huge secret was revealed and Jamie ended up in Chicago trying to win Kate back, swearing he would not give up on the love he had for her.  Tragedy strikes and more secrets are revealed, testing whether a 4 day tryst could be the basis of a forever love….
You MUST read this book to find out!!!

Jamie and Kate’s four days together in Napa were so romantic and sweet, that I just fell in love with this couple.  Often, with these book boyfriends that we read about, I focus so much on the guy that I don’t really relate to the girl, but not in this case!!  I so identified with Kate even though I have never even remotely been in a situation like hers.  

Renee Carlino made a female character that was so relatable and likeable, that even though I totally have the HOTS for Jamie in a big way I so wanted him and Kate to be together and find happiness!!

Oh and I should say that when Kate came home heartbroken from Napa there were some seriously funny scenes in here!!  I laughed really hard and out loud!!  She did some really crazy funny things in her sadness; it was such a gift to laugh like that instead of just depression.  Another reason I loved Kate!

Nowhere but Here left me with feeling happy which all too often I don’t get at the end of a book!  I most definitely give it a 5 Lip Smack review!


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