"Genevieve, I -- I think I fell in love with you that first night." He  rubs his forehead and smiles guiltily. "Maybe it was lust at first sight. However it started, it's grown into something I didn't recognize because I'd never felt this way before. I'm lighter when you're near, happy. You're challenging and wonderful, and so beautiful inside and out, it's blinding. Please, give us a chance. Let me love you." Lewis Sallee

Let me just start by saying any boy who says let me love you the way Lewis Sallee does, would have my heart in a second. Yes, Lewis is a supreme book boyfriend.

Genevieve Tierney is a college graduate. She's spending the summer in Lake Tahoe working as a waitress at a casino with her friend Cali to earn money before she starts grad school. Gen has not had a conventional upbringing. Her mom Chantell Dubois is enamored with all things French. She also goes through boyfriends like underwear. Boyfriends that always have money. Money that always seems to be plentiful even though Chantell has no job. Gen definitely does not see her mom as a role model. Gen wants to be independent.  Guess what else? She has no idea who her father is.

Gen doesn't seem to have much faith in romance. She just found out her college boyfriend has been cheating on her. In addition her, her best friend Cali's boyfriend hit on her (no she didn't tell Cali yet). You get the idea, men seem to talk to Gen's boobs more than they talk to her face. This just adds to the feelings Gen has of being weak and dependent on a man.

One night after work Gen and Cali go to a party they were invited to by Nessa, one of their coworkers. That night they meet a bunch of people. It's that night Gen sees Lewis Sallee, six and a half feet of the most beautiful man she's ever seen. Only guess what? With him is an incredibly beautiful, completely bitchy woman named Mira. Mira spends the whole night hanging on Lewis and glaring at Gen. Obviously, Gen assumes they are a couple. The only issue with that thought is, the whole night Lewis seems very attracted to Gen. Although he does send mixed signals. Lewis seems to run hot and cold. You'll find out why, I promise. Of course Gen is ready to lump him into the men are all alike club, except for Lewis literally takes her breath away.  Their almost kiss is about as hot as the real thing.

It seems that Gen and Lewis are playing a sort of game, they're attracted to each other, but Mira is in the way. Finally, after insinuating that she won't be involved with Lewis because he has a girlfriend, Lewis tells him Mira isn't his girlfriend. Mira is a girl that Lewis and his dad rescued from a drug addicted mother as a child. She is completely dependent on Lewis and scares away any female that shows interest in him. The only time Lewis has had a girlfriend is when he was away at college so obviously Mira didn't know about it.

Gen seems to like her job at the casino, once she gets past the skimpy costume and the older waitresses calling her to Snow White. One night while working at the casino, Drake Peterson, Gen's boss, asks her to bring drinks to a private party in one of the hotel suites. Gen is pretty innocent and just figures she's doing her job. Let's just say Drake Peterson is a filthy pig and Gen is traumatized by the events of the night.

This is the time Gen decides to enter the Alpine Mudder. A grueling race that is akin to  a triathlon. There's lots of climbing and obstacles and apparently a swim through icy cold waters. The competitive side of Gen wants to kick ass at this competition. Here's the thing she doesn't know what to expect at the Mudder. Trying to figure out a strategy for the race brings her back to Lewis and his friends. They have all run the Mudder before. Lewis was even a finalist. As much as Gen doesn't want help, she agrees to train with Lewis.

Lewis is not easy on Gen while training her. He pushes her to her limits. Then, during one of their training sessions, things get hot and they kiss. Holy hell! What a kiss. No joke, you can feel the passion through the pages. Lewis is so damn hot, and Gen wants  him like she's never wanted anyone else before.

After a long sexually charged  attraction, Lewis and Gen become a couple. Lewis totally puts Gen over the edge sexually. Gen never thought she'd ever feel the way she feels about Lewis. But, that damn Mira keeps getting in the way. As much as it kills Gen she tells Lewis, she can't always be second to Mira. 

In the midst of the Lewis, Gen, Mira triangle, there's a stressful fight between friends, a shocking reveal of Gen's dad, a brawl with her mom over her mother's seemingly slutty lifestyle and then there's the Mudder. I'm obviously not giving away all this good stuff. I will tell you to read Blue Crush. It touches on so many important topics, but in doesn't drown you in angst. I love the friendships that are built in the story and I love Gen's determination to feel good about herself and try not to depend on anyone for her happiness.

I also love, love, love, that even though the attraction between Gen and Lewis is so immediate and strong, they don't rush into anything. There are bumps and Gen decides they need to work through them before anything can happen between her and Lewis.

So, a four lip smack review for Jules Barnard's Blue Crush, with a hope that the other characters get to tell their own stories!!


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