"Mia," he said, lifting my chin. "I won't break your heart. For the first time in my life, I've found something worth fighting for, someone more important than me." His eyes searched mine. "Give me a chance to prove it. I'll do everything in my power to make you happy." Michael Gallo

The night Mia Greco meets Michael Gallo in her hospital emergency room she finds the injured MMA fight, incredibly handsome and charismatic. She also lets him know she thinks he's barbaric for allowing himself to get beat up for sport. 

If you haven't already guessed Mia is an emergency room doctor. While she loves being a doctor and helping patients, there are obvious aspects of the job that bring her down and almost break her. Fortunately, she volunteers at a clinic and that eases the pain being an emergency room doctor sometimes causes her.

The next time they see each other, Mia runs into Michael's solid wall of a chest as she's leaving the gym. She feels like he's familiar, but she can't quite place him. There's definitely an attraction between them, but Mia seems almost irritated by Michael's invasion into her space and her brain.

I'm going to tell you that you can read this as a stand alone, only I would absolutely read Throttle Me to get a sense of the Gallo family. I for one love them. They're a close knit Italian-American family. Even though they're well off, mom and dad have instilled a work ethic in their children. They live in Florida and run a tattoo shop where Michael does the piercing (oh remember piercing, yup, he's got one of those...yum). Even though he works for a living, Michael will tell everyone MMA fighting is his true passion.

I'm going to throw another name out there...Tammy. Remember her. Level five clinger. Total psycho. You'll deff want to scratch her eyes out. Enough said.

Fate keeps intervening and Michael saves Mia from some groping mammal on the dance floor at a club one night. Mia is out on a girl's night and obviously looks slamming because Michael and dance floor guy can't take their eyes off of her. So here's where it gets really good. Michael and Mia have a drink and a shot at the bar. They're both feeling the drinks and their attraction and no joke, you can literally feel the heat coming off of the pages. Their interaction is so steamy I needed to fan myself. Michael realizes he may have met his match in Mia and when he calls her his new addiction, I completely swooned.

Their first date (of course she says yes, duh), is uber romantic. Beach, ocean waves, dinner, laying in the sand with hot as hell Michael Gallo, you can't go wrong. Their relationship heats up and moves pretty quickly. Sexually, their chemistry is off the chain. Mia is good for Michael because she keeps up with him. Michael gets Mia to break out of the shell that she keeps herself in. Their teasing is adorable and they're just really good together.

Of course Mia meets the Gallo family and they love her. They do come together at the hospital for a very stressful event. But there's always gotta be a bump. It can't always be smooth sailing. While I'm mentioning the hospital keep it in mind because Michael and Mia, secluded area of the hospital....oh dayummm. 

So clearly Michael and Mia are on their way to falling in love. Then there's a plot twist and we're left to wonder about Michael and Mia's future. Will they make it? They seem so perfect together. But sometimes that's just not enough. I'm telling you read it. But wait read Throttle Me too. I know I can't get enough of the Gallos.

I also can't get enough of Michael Gallo. He's one of those book boyfriends that you think about for days after you finish the book. A five lip smack review for Hook Me. I loved it!


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