"I wanted to be there for you....because of you. I may have tried at first to tell myself I was doing it for Gavin, that you were just a duty to me. But the truth is, Harper, I wanted to be there for you. I wanted to take care of you." Levi 

Duty Bound is the first book in a series by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams, and I'll just tell you now they made a damn hot book boyfriend in Levi. 

When we first meet Levi he's attending the funeral of his best friend from childhood Gavin Murphy. Levi and Gavin were best friends who not only grew up together, but joined the marines together. While in the marines, Levi and Gavin met Sebastian, Declan and Cole (who will each be getting their own stories). Unfortunately these five friends were on a mission that went horribly wrong and Gavin became a casualty. It seems all of the boys were broken in some way. So now they're home, trying hard to adjust to civilian life. Levi seems to be the most torn up over the loss of Gavin. He seems to blame himself for what happened. During the funeral, Levi notices Gavin's little sister Harper. Harper is all grown up now and even in his grief and guilt, Levi finds himself attracted to Harper.

Harper Murphy is a spitfire. She's a tiny pixie like woman who always needs to prove she can handle things on her own. She followed Levi and Gavin around as a child trying to keep up with the two bigger boys. Harper always seems to be involved in a different cause. She's always trying to make people see things her way. She loved her brother Gavin fiercely. So when Levi approaches Harper to share his condolences, Harper grits her teeth and mutters, "Why couldn't it be you?"

Harper has taken Gavin's death extremely hard and feels like the government is hiding something from the family. She writes, stories about what she thinks is a conspiracy, goes on local TV to talk about it, even plans to go to Washington DC to investigate. Only, she doesn't get a chance. Harper seems to have ruffled someone's feathers and dangerous things begin to happen to her.

It's during this time, Levi decides to become Harper's protector. At first he feels like it's his duty to protect Harper because Gavin isn't there to do it. But it becomes so much more and Levi falls in love with Harper.

Levi battles his own demons. He blames himself for Gavin dying. He what ifs himself like crazy. Levi never expected not to be in the marines and he just doesn't know what to do with himself. He works for his dad's construction company, but that's just not enough. 

I love the friendship between Levi, Sebastian, Cole and Declan. They get each other and they're trying to pick each other up since they're all in the same boat. They're back home where they never expected to be and just trying to find their way.

And also let me tell you, when Harper and Levi give into their feelings and get together it is hot as hell. Levi is just uber passionate and hell you feel that passion just reading about those two in bed. 

In case you're wondering, the danger for Harper grows throughout the book. Most of the time, Harper doesn't want any help from Levi. Levi is relentless in his quest to keep Harper safe. When the mystery is solved and you find out who's behind these attacks on Harper, you're not going to believe it. It's such a plot twist and so unexpected, well you have to read it yourself.

Duty Bound is an excellent summer read. Just enough suspense and angst. Levi is so sexy, I couldn't get enough of him and got kind of annoyed with Harper when she was so bitchy to him. I'm giving Duty Bound a four lip smack review. I can't wait to start Honor Bound  which is Sebastian's story.


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