"Lily. You could never be the other woman, or second best to anyone. Any man lucky enough to know you would know you're the one that you don't let get away. The one that makes you stop noticing other women altogether. The only one that thinks you're second you, Lily. You. Are.  Amazing. There is no one that compares to you Lily. Not for me.  -- Brandon Redgrave

Lily Pritchard literally runs into Brandon Redgrave the day they meet. When he catches her so she doesn't fall, she finds herself staring at the most beautiful face she's ever seen. So what does she do? She totally freezes up and when she finally finds her voice, she blurts out "You're perfect!" To the tall, dark adonis who caught her in his perfectly muscular, tanned arms. Obviously mortified, Lily runs, thankful that she'll never see him again to face her humiliation.

Brandon Redgrave is the tall dark adonis that catches Lily. He is absolute perfection. Brandon is in his 20s and  a multi millionaire. He's beautiful with a lean muscular body and a gorgeous face. But my favorite thing about Brandon is for once in the book world of hot rich guys, he's not incredibly damaged. He's a little dominating and bossy, but who doesn't want to be dominated every once in a while?

The day Lily "runs into" Brandon, she drops her phone while trying to escape, and now believes it to be hopelessly lost. Fortunately, Brandon Redgrave is a very resourceful man and Lily's phone finds its way back to her, complete with a note from "intrigued and enchanted" who insists Lily call him so they can spend time together.

Of course Lily finds "intrigued and enchanted" very presumptuous and doesn't contact him. Apparently, whatever Mr. Redgrave wants Mr. Redgrave gets and he wants Lily. Eventually, Lily breaks down and accepts his offer for a date. When Brandon and Lily do go on their date, he takes her to his friends beach house in the Hamptons and sets up a fabulous weekend for the two of them. Brandon is incredibly sweet and generous with just the right amount of bossy. 

The chemistry between Brandon and Lily sizzles from the first time their skin touches. Brandon mesmerizes Lily and clearly she evokes the same kind of reaction in him. Even though Lily is inexperienced sexually, their relationship quickly becomes physical. It's hot and I sugguestion you have someone close by that can take care of you during the steamy parts.

Before you start thinking this romance is all hearts and flowers think again. As amazing as Brandon is, Lily has doubts. She doubts someone like her can hold on to someone as beautiful and worldly as Brandon. Several times throughout their relationship Lily tries to walk away. Technology has allowed Lily access to find out about Brandon through Google. The things she learns about his social life make her uneasy. She keeps coming across one very beautiful woman who is with Brandon in loads of pictures. Let's just say she turns into a problem for Lily and Brandon and well you won't like her. Some women just need to learn to let go!

Lily has another issue she deals with that is far worse than any insecurity she has about Brandon. Lily watched as her father was murdered while trying to save her from being assaulted by a disgusting criminal. She blames herself for his death and relives that event each night as she sleeps. She's afraid Brandon will leave her if he finds out it's her fault her father is dead. At the time she starts falling for Brandon, Lily's father stops appearing in her dreams, only to be replaced by Brandon. Her nightmare now stars Brandon being murdered. Lily is too afraid of losing another person she loves and decides to run from this relationship.

Lily's best friend Jess is such a positive force in her life. She's a true best friend and she gets Lily to come out of her shell. Until Brandon, Lily's romantic life came from the classic literature that she studies. Jess is definitely #TeamBrandon and every time Lily is ready to run Jess talks her down.

Let me tell you, there's a plot twist in Intrigued and Enchanted that I totally didn't see coming. It's a definite nail biter and will keep you on the edge of your seat. It will also make you love Brandon Redgrave even more than you already do.

One of my favorite things about Brandon is he wasn't a man whore. Don't get me wrong, I love when my man whores get tamed by the woman of his dreams, but Brandon has obviously dated, but definitely didn't whore around. It was refreshing to find that quality in someone as devastatingly perfect as Brandon.

I'm giving Intrigued and Enchanted a four lip smack review. I really enjoyed reading the story of Brandon and Lily's love. I also liked how Brandon was able to heal Lily's broken parts.



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