"Sorry. That was the last time I'll make any sibling references, okay? I mean, really, the whole thing's pretty funny, if you ask me, but if the only thing that is keeping us apart if the fact that our parents got married, well...we just don't ever have to think of each other as brother and sister, okay? Step brother and sister, really. And that's nothing but a label. The thing is, Emma, I can't stop thinking about you. I've missed you."

StepF*@k by Scarlett Ward is a four part series about our naughtiest new guilty pleasure, the step sibling romance. I have to say, I enjoyed StepF*@k for several reasons. The obvious, Jai Carter is hot and I do have a thing for British boys. But it's not just that. Of course there's the super hot sex that Emma and Jai share, but there's more between them. It's just a little different than your average step sibling book. One click, you'll get it.

Emma Oliver is having a complete guy dry spell. She's definitely a little naive and inexperienced. After being dumped by her boyfriend six months her favorite date has become her BOB. 

Anyway, Emma's best friend Megan signs her up for an online dating sight. You know, one of those swipe right, swipe left deals. So with encouragement from Megan and against her better judgement, Emma decides SexyStranger258 will be the one night stand Megan insists she needs to get her out of her dating slump.

SexyStranger happens to be Jai Carter and yes he is absolutely sexy. Dark hair with blueish green eyes and a totally hot body. The best part about Jai is that yummy British accent. I don't know about you, but the accent totally amps up his sexiness factor for me like a million points.

Jai is in LA for the wedding of his father Zack Carter. Jai and his dad have never had a close relationship. Zack left Jai's mom ages ago and is just now realizing how important family is. Jai is there for the wedding and a two week "family" vacation after the wedding. Basically while in LA Jai's been using the dating sight to hook up. The girls in LA are plastic and fake and according to Jai good for only one thing. That is until he meets Emma. He can already tell she's different because her dating picture is natural and he loves the little freckles on her nose. Then of course there's what he hears outside his room before he meets her. She's completely trying to bail and of course Megan is trying to talk her out of it. 

Everyone decides to meet in the bar for a drink and before long, Emma doesn't need Megan for protection anymore. The attraction Emma and Jai share is immediate and strong. Emma definitely is nothing like the fake Barbie's Jai's been meeting and Jai is just well beautiful. Let the alcohol flow and the two wind up in Jai's room. In bed, they can't get enough of each other. And even though it's their first time together the way they make each other feel is phenomenal. Any inhibitions Emma may have had are gone out the window when she's with Jai.

When they wake up the next morning, Jai has gone out to get breakfast. When he comes back you can tell he wants more and even though she'd never admit it so does Emma. That is until she sees a wedding ring in Jai's stuff and leaves totally freaked out about sleeping with a married man.

So remember that wedding and family vacation Jai is in the US for? Well guess who Jai's dad is marrying?? Ding, Ding, Ding...if you guessed Emma's mom you win the prize. So now, she has not only had wild sex with her future step brother, but she also thinks he's married.

Their meeting is fantastic. Jai is like yes she's here. Emma is like I slept with my step brother and he's married, how much worse can it get? 

It's doesn't get worse. It gets better. Jai isn't married and convinces Emma that they can continue their amazing physical relationship until they're officially step brother and sister. Well actually I think that's Emma's idea. Jai is really into Emma and I don't think he cares about labels.

Every time Jai and Emma are together it's ridiculously hot. Jai is just so sexy and Emma is just so very receptive to him. I'm sure any female would be receptive to Jai. He is just that yummy. 

The time comes when their parents tie the knot and Emma is like ok we're done. Even thought Jai doesn't seem to care, Emma's got a lot of issues with what people would think of them together. Unfortunately, it's this part when Jai realizes, holy hell, he's falling in love with Emma and she's ready to walk away.

Then there's Jai's childhood friend who Emma catches Jai undressing and putting in his bed when she comes back to tell Jai she loves him. Yea book four is kind of a disaster. Of course I'm not going to tell you why she's undressed in Jai's bed. I'm also not going to tell you anymore than I already have. StepF*@k is a definite quick, naughty read. Perfect for beach or poolside I would say. Well you might need to grab a hold of a Jai look alike and find a private area for the naughtier parts (wink, wink).

Anyway, if you're in the mood for a step sibling story, one click and read StepF*@k. Jai is sexy and naughty and that accent is just yummy. Use your imagination, you'll be able to hear it in your brain.

Four lip smacks for StepF*@k a perfect summer read.


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