I shake my head and hold out my hand to her. "I don't know about you, Jordan, but I never settled. I fell in love with you and that hasn't changed."

Jordan's teeth clamp down on her bottom lip and if she bites any harder, she might put a hole through it. Slowly, she takes my hand and steps in my direction. Her arms move around my torso and I hold her tight. "I know you're scared, I am too. You've at least been in love before, I never had. I'm not going anywhere Jordan. Take your time, figure out what you need, and I'll be right here for you when you're ready to come home."

If you're looking for a book about a super swoon worthy, sexy cowboy, look no further than Lyssa Layne's new release Until You Fall in Love. Abram Tomko is absolutely delicious. The man can rock jeans and a white tee shirt like nobody's business. And his sexy V line is just begging to be licked. Not to mention his magnificent smile with the slightly chipped tooth. But, it's not only Abram physically that makes him so damn perfect. He is an amazing person. He lives on his families ranch with his dad where he helps take care of the family business. He just got back from California where he was taking care of his sister and then there's Jordan Glastetter. 

Abram and Jordan have grown up together. They've been best friends since they were children. Abram watched Jordan fall in love and marry his friend and fellow college baseball teammate Robby. Then he watched as Jordan lost Robby in combat while deployed. He's become her rock. The person she depends on for everything and the person who's become a surrogate father to Jordan and Robby's son R.J.

Abram is the only father R.J. has ever known. Jordan and R.J. live in a separate house on the ranch property where Abram and his dad live. Pop also loves Jordan and R.J. like they are his own. 

It all seems like the perfect arrangement until Jordan starts to worry that someday Abram was going to find a woman and fall in love and that would devastate her and R.J. What Jordan doesn't realize is Abram is definitely falling in love, but it's her he's falling in love with.

Since Abram and Jordan are always together, people who don't know them assume they are a couple and Abram is R.J's dad. Jordan always corrects people when they make this mistake. I don't think Abram minds that much. In my opinion, Abram considers R.J. his and doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Of course R.J. is a little confused. He's got a mom and he's got Abram, but he wonders why they don't kiss. And this kind of freaks Jordan out. Remember, she's worrying about the time that Abram finds someone else and how much that will affect R.J.

During Until You Fall In Love, Abram starts to have romantic feelings for Jordan, and as much as Jordan would like to give into the romantic feelings she has for Abram, she's too afraid. She's afraid Abram is settling and needs to find out what else is out there for him. So for a while, Jordan pushes Abram away. Abram is very persistent in trying to turn his friendship with Jordan into a romantic relationship. He is so romantic and is always kissing her or holding her. He is just so yummy. Eventually, Jordan stops resisting and they give a romantic relationship a try. Keep in mind that neither of them have been with the opposite sex for five years so when they finally get together it's like whoa! Very sexy, very steamy. There's a lot of pent up passion in there. When Abram takes Jordan in the horse stable believe is or not is it VERY HOT!!!

Of course there are always some people who do their best to stir the pot in any situation and the jealous, man eating Cynthia DuPont who Jordan has nicknamed Sparkles is quite the trouble maker in our story. The second she finds out Abram and Jordan aren't a couple, she tries to sink her claws into Abram. After reluctantly agreeing to go on a coffee date with her, Abram comes to realize there's only one woman he wants to be with and it's not Sparkles. Unfortunately, it's Sparkles pot stirring that causes Jordan to end her and Abram's budding relationship and move off the ranch completely.

Abram has been Jordan's rock for as long as she can remember. So when Pop has a massive heart attack, will Jordan be able to do the same for Abram? Will Pop recover? Will Jordan realize Abram is not just settling for her and R.J.? And what on earth does watermelon mean? I promise when you find out, it will melt your heart a little.

I absolutely love Abram Tomko. I've watched the trailer for Until You Fall In Love over and over because the model that plays Abram is sooooooo sexy. A wonderful story by Lyssa Layne and a four lip smack review from me. Love cowboys or just a good love story? Go one click When You Fall In Love ASAP!!!


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