Ride Steady is book 3 in The Chaos series by Kristen Ashley, and I love all books by her but the Chaos series is my absolute favorite.  I love Shy, Hop and now Joker! I recommend reading all books in this series to better understand the back story and other characters.  I think it would be worth it to also read Motorcycle Man as well.  Trust me; this will not be a hardship!  All of her books are amazing, but her motorcycle club men… Yummy!

We get to know Carson Steele aka Joker as a young boy who lives with an abusive jackass of a father. Carson’s mom took off when he was just a baby, so his nasty dad was all he had.  Carson was exposed to sex and drinking and beatings no child should be a part of at any age.  Thankfully Cason has some very good people in his life who keep an eye out for him and really cared about him.  Carson is a quiet soul, who is smart and an amazing artist.  He’s crushing real hard on the cheerleader/homecoming queen/ QB’s girlfriend.

Carissa Teodoro is a beautiful young girl who has suffered a lot of tragedy in her young life as well. Losing a sister in a terrible accident at 6 and her mom when she was 17, Carissa has seen a lot of loss.  Being the girlfriend of the Aaron Neiland, Carissa and he were the golden couple and super popular.  Carissa may have been in the “in” crowd with the mean girls, but she remained a sweet girl.

Carissa and Carson had some interactions in high school and when Carson had enough of his dad and all he abuse he decided to take off. Carson saw Carissa first and left her something to remember him by.  He and Carissa both missed some very life changing opportunities with each other that changed the course of their lives.  I love all the back story Kristen gave on Carson and Carissa and the people in their lives,  I also really loved how Carson had a relationship with the Chaos motorcycle club as a young kid and didn’t even realize it.  Just amazing.

Fast forward a few years and Carson, who is now a full-fledged member of Chaos and goes by the name Joker meets up again with Carissa, who has no idea who he is.  Carissa’s life is in a bad place, being newly divorced, royally screwed over and raising her baby boy.  Joker is hurt that she does not remember him and he believes he meant nothing to her. Regardless, The Chaos Motorcycle Club decides to help Carissa. Joker and Carissa have some serious attraction for one another and Joker is wonderful with Carissa’s son.  Kristen really writes good relationships.  She lets it grow from the beginning and it is so natural.  Without Carissa even knowing the impact she has had on Joker, his life becomes better because she is back in it.  Carissa’s life does a complete turnaround as well for the better.  They save each other! 

Carissa and Joker’s relationship isn’t easy from minute one, but they always seem to be open with each other about almost everything and are able to talk through things.  But the problems they have to face in their new relationship seem too big to tackle sometimes. Joker is still keeping his identity a secret and as they are both falling for each other he knows he has to fess up.  Chaos MC is having big problems with an enemy on the street.  Carissa’s ex-husband Aaron is mean, conniving and annoying. Now that he realizes he has lost her he decides he wants her back.  They have a lot to deal with!!!

On a side note I absofreakinglutely LOVE how Kristen Ashley brings characters from other series into each of her books.  Lee Nightingale, Mitch Lawson, Hawk Delgado and Knight Sebring to name a few.  It was so much fun visiting with old friends!!  And who doesn’t love a visit from Cherry and Elvira any day!!
Like all of KA’s books Ride Steady is full of details and she really makes you feel like you’re part of the story.  The characters become your friends, lovers and enemies.  The love story is fully developed and the friends and family play a huge roll in this book!  I absolutely loved how Joker remembers people in his past that helped him as a boy and they become part of his life as a man.

Ride Steady is a must read for any Kristen Ashley fan as well as a motorcycle club book lover, or a second chance romance fan or a hot alpha male lover… Basically anyone who loves to read!!  

This book has it all! 5 very plump lip smacks to Kristen Ashley and Ride Steady!!


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