He stares into my eyes with such conviction it causes my body to freeze and stop breathing. " I have wanted to be with you since I was seventeen years old. From that first moment you walked into the bakery, I knew that you were the only girl I wanted to be with. There were times when I was close to telling you, but you had a boyfriend and I didn't want to jeopardize that, because I just wanted you to be happy. After years of not seeing you around, I moved on and dated other women, but none of them compared to you. Not even close. The thing was, even though I didn't know you that well, I knew we were right for each other."

So, Little Moments is book two in the Second Chances series. Book one is Little Things and even though I originally read it because of the One Direction song title reference, IT IS AN AMAZING STORY! If you haven't read it yet, one click it ASAP. Both stories are very good and both stories are very different. Luckily, both stories have swoon worthy boys in them. 

If you read Little Things, you remember Melanie Stevens. She was Duke Grayson's girlfriend before Duke fell in love with Raya Winters. Melanie is a gorgeous green eyed blonde and definitely not the kind of girl you would think loses the boy. But she does. Even though lost Duke to Raya she's stayed friends with them and is godmother to their little girl. You really feel badly that she hasn't found the one yet. Melanie has this why do I always lose the guy moment and it's kind of heartbreaking, because Melanie is really a too good to be true kind of girl.

Then there's Roman Moretti. Super swoon worthy with dark good looks and an amazingly fit body from being a firefighter for the FDNY. Not to mention an incredible person. Roman lost his father to cancer at a young age and if that's not bad enough, he lost his mom when he was eleven years old in an apartment fire. Taken in by his aunt and uncle, they become a huge part of his life. They take care of him and treat him as if he was their own son. 

As a teen ager Roman worked in his aunt and uncles bakery. The very bakery where he meets seventeen year Melanie Stevens for the very first time. I felt like when he met her it was like one of those thunderbolt moments. You know, you feel it in your soul. You meet this person and you'll never be the same again. Even though Roman felt like this about Melanie, he never said a word. She had a boyfriend and Roman is not about to try and interfere with that. What he does know that even after meeting Melanie Stevens that just one time, she is the one for him.

Roman and Melanie's paths don't cross for the next ten years.Then they literally run into each other outside Roman's aunt and uncle's bakery when Melanie brought her goddaughter to get some of the delicious eclairs she remembers from the bakery. Roman is speechless. Face to face once again with the woman of his dreams and now she has a child. He thinks he's missed his chance again until his Aunt Maggie tells him Layla isn't Melanie's child. 

So you'd think Roman would go and get the girl after all this time right? Nope that's not what happens. Roman is busy being a firefighter and Melanie is busy being a nurse and their paths won't cross again for a while.

During this time Melanie begins to date (?) one of the doctors she works with. He's very handsome and very good between the sheets. He's also a slime ball and I wish I could have whacked him upside the head. Sadly for Melanie (fortunately for Roman) Dr. Easton Quinn is not relationship material. He also dredges up old feelings of insecurity in Melanie. She wonders why she isn't good enough to get the guy.

Roman and Melanie finally are brought together again by tragedy. Roman's heroic rescue of a little boy in a devastating fire have left him badly burned with internal injuries and a fractured back. Guess who one of his nurses is? Of course...the lovely Melanie. She is such an incredible and caring person I had to wonder if she was real. 

During his time in the hospital Roman is in a great deal of pain and learns he may not be able to go back to active duty as a firefighter.  He becomes angry and even though Melanie is trying to be there for Roman, he pushes her away. But, Melanie is truly drawn to Roman. Even when she gently touches him she feels a jolt of electricity through her system. 

Will Roman let Melanie in? Will Melanie's relationship insecurities let her find love with Roman? And why on earth does Dr. Easton Quinn show up again in our story?

Little Moments is a story about love, hope and never letting go of what you want. I absolutely love Roman Moretti. Not only is he beautiful to look at, but considering everything he's been through he really is the total package. 

A four lip smack review for Madison Street's Little Moments. I'm totally looking forward to Little Temptations the next installment of this series.


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