"Kennedy," I whispered, and leaned close to speak into her ear. "Yes, you can. If you would give us a chance, you'd see exactly why I would be good for you. You're scared; I want to erase your fears. You're fighting something that happened long before you met me; I want to face whatever it is head-on so the pain in your eyes goes away."

"No one was ever worth the chase. But you? You will be worth it every time. I will always chase you, Kennedy."

Getting Trusting Liam on my Kindle just after midnight on Tuesday was something I and many other Taking Chances and Forgiving Lies fans have been absolutely over the moon about since we knew this project was coming to be. Of course the second Liam arrived I started reading and as much as I wanted to finish this book in one sitting, life and pesky little first graders have a way of putting a stop to late night reading marathons.

Anyway, I have now finished Trusting Liam. Read my favorite parts more than once and basically have fallen head over heals in love with Chase Grayson's son. As one Molly McAdams Support Group member put it, I feel like I'm cheating on Chase with Liam. If you didn't get to read my post about my obsession with Chase Grayson (May 27, 2015), I will tell you he has been my obsession since I accidentally read Stealing Harper, not knowing I should have read Taking Chances first. And yes, I had a love/hate relationship with Molly through the whole Chase, Harper and Brandon debacle. 

Reading about Chase's look alike son Liam and his story with Kash and Rachel's daughter Kennedy was more than I ever could have imagined. I literally had no words through out reading Trusting Liam because I was having ridiculous feels for both Liam and Chase. 

Liam Taylor (which I'm not going to lie totally hurt my heart) has an incredible, steamy, passionate one night stand in Las Vegas with Kennedy Ryan, who actually happens to be Kash and Rachel's daughter (series collide...get it?  God I love that). After that one night, Kennedy sneaks out before Liam wakes up and they don't see each other again...until....

Kennedy and her twin sister Kira are sent to California since, men that Kash and Uncle Mason have put in prison are making threats against Kash's family, especially his daughters. A very unhappy Kennedy and Kira fly out to California with their Uncle Mason and are left in the care of their mom's brother Eli.

Now here it comes...Uncle Eli is the boss of the very hot, very sexy, tatted up, iced blue eyed Liam Taylor (still killing me). Liam following in the foot steps of his late father is a man who has yet to be tied down to one woman, preferring the company of many women and definitely of the hit it and quit it mentality. That is until his night with Kennedy. The girl he can't get out of his head. 

Obviously not being familiar with the situation, Eli asks for Liam's help getting the girls acquainted with California. He even asks Liam to see if Brandon can use the girl's help at the gym he owns. Liam does all of this not knowing who Eli's nieces actually are. Imagine his shock when he sees Kennedy at his father's (not really) juice bar and realizes it's his Moon from that night in Vegas. Yes, he calls her Moon and it's the sweetest thing ever (you'll find out why when you read). Every time Liam said, "Good night, Moon." I swooned. Okay, so I swooned over Liam through like 99.9% of the book. He is just that swoon worthy.

Unfortunately, Kennedy isn't that excited to find Liam after a year and spends a lot of time avoiding any attempt that Liam makes at getting together. Even while trying to tell Liam how wrong they are for each other, the two share some steaming hot kissing scenes that will make you wish you were Kennedy. 

Here's the thing about Kennedy. The girl doesn't believe in love or forever, which is weird considering Kash and Rachel are still very much in love and have worked through a ton of crazy hurdles in their life together. Every once in a while Kennedy will allude to why she can't ever be in love again and why she doesn't believe in marriage. She also has some serious issues about being in control and you'll find out about that too.

Just when Liam breaks down Kennedy's defenses and they finally get together...Bam! You find out what Kennedy's been hiding and why she tried to push Liam away the whole time. 

I love the way Molly brings these stories and families together. When memories of Chase came up I swear I could not stop the tears. When Liam tells Kennedy the story of one of his tattoos, I literally couldn't breath. Every once in a while yesterday my kids were like, why are you crying? How on earth do I explain Chase Grayson to them?

Anyway, Brian is definitely one of my absolute favorite characters in this story. I love that he calls Liam "Little Chachi". I love when he makes references to Liam and Chase's similarities and I love the wisdom he imparts on this younger generation. He was a good friend to Chase and now he's looking out for his son. 

Here's what killed me. I get it that Brandon raised Liam, I really do, but I hated that he called him dad. I was gutted that he referenced Chase by his first name when he told stories about him. And maybe it's because I am anti-Harper, but I blamed her for that. She should have given Liam his father's last name.

I have to say, I liked Brandon more than I thought I would have. He was good to Liam. Once again, their talks hurt my heart because it brought back so much of Chase and Harper's story. The one thing I disagree most with is when Harper told Brandon she loved Chase, but was in love with him. I'm sorry but I think you'd want to lose your virginity to the person you were in love with. 

With that being said, I loved Trusting Liam. Molly did such an amazing job weaving this story together. While it told the story of beloved characters from her other works, Molly made this Liam and Kennedy's story. Of course I left out a bunch of stuff because I want you to read this amazing book. If you haven't already, definitely go and one click Trusting Liam. I'm actually sad that I finished it because I adore Liam and Kennedy.

A five lip smack review for Trusting Liam. Kudos to Molly McAdams for continuing to do what she does best. Writing great, thought provoking stories with characters that feel insanely real and stay with you long after the story is over.


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