"One step at a time, back behind the line
We can't stop it, no, doesn't matter we try
walk to the blur, yes, you're gonna be mine
Say we're still friends, we all know that's a lie
You doubt it's true, but it's too late to turn
The minute I touch you, our bodies align
You're like fire, yet I run toward the burn
We've crossed the line, now you're forever mine."
"You finished the last verse."
He smiles. "Now do you believe me? There's no going back once you've crossed into the blur."

I really liked Flynn Beckham in Vi Keeland's Throb. If Katie wasn't meant to be with Cooper I wouldn't have even minded if Flynn got the girl (Wait. What? You didn't read Throb ? Really? Get on that now). But then Flynn wouldn't have gotten his own story and I wouldn't have fallen madly in love with him, so I guess it's a win win for readers everywhere.

Honestly though, physically, Flynn Beckham is someone me being a lover of dark hair and eyes would probably never give a second look to. So why am I so ridiculously in love with him? His shaggy, sandy hair and blue eyes just did something to me. Not to mention that crooked grin and boyish charm. The tight body, the tattoos, ok you get the picture. Flynn Beckham is perfection.

But I'm getting carried away with my man because there's a really good story here. Flynn and his band In Like Flynn have the opportunity to go on tour as the opening act for Easy Ryder. Easy Ryder has been around for a while and they're hugely popular. So obviously this is an amazing opportunity for Flynn.
What Flynn doesn't plan on is falling in love with Lucky Valentine, girlfriend of Easy Ryder's lead singer Dylan Ryder. They meet at her bar the night Flynn is there to meet Dylan and Dylan stands him up. Even though Lucky doesn't try to hide that she has a boyfriend from the flirty Flynn, she can't help but feel a great attraction to him. Before she knows his actual name, she spends the night calling him Beautiful Man.

Lucky Valentine is the daughter of rock royalty. Her mom Iris a hugely famous singer and her dad was popular drummer. Lucky grew up around rock stars her entire life. Music is Lucky's thing. She even had the shot at a musical career. Sadly, a tragedy in her life has given her horrible stage fright and she can't even get on a stage much less sing on one.

"But living life without temptation is like having a heart that doesn't beat. And I'm a musician. I need a good strong beat."

Given her background, it's no surprise that Lucky's boyfriend is a famous rocker. Dylan Ryder's poster hung up on Lucky's wall when she was a teenager, now he's been her boyfriend for almost a year. Here's a hint. Avery, Lucky's best friend has no use for Dylan. She has several unpleasant nicknames for him, my favorite being Sleazy Ryder (hint, hint, I love Avery).

Flynn has promised himself he wouldn't go after the girl with the boyfriend again only he can't really help it with Lucky. Their relationship is easy from the start. They of course run into each other when Flynn shows up at Lucky's bar. They also learn they'll be working together. Flynn's joining the Easy Ryder tour for a few months while one of the band members spends some time with his new baby and Lucky's joining the tour to be a vocal coach for Flynn. Well ok the whole vocal coach thing is just a way for Dylan to get Lucky to go on tour with him. Dylan wanted Lucky on the tour with him and doesn't seem to have any time for her. 

The more time Lucky and Flynn spend together the closer they become. Since she's helping him as a vocal coach, he decides to help her with her stage fright. One day as they're practicing, Lucky opens up to Flynn and he finds out why she won't go on stage. While he's comforting her, their lips meet and it is an unbelievable kiss. Obviously Flynn's been into Lucky this whole time and of course Lucky's realizing how much Flynn is starting to mean to her.

Guess what? Dylan, you know Sleazy Ryder? He starts to notice this too. The way Flynn is always watching his girl doesn't sit well with him. Not to mention he's obviously not crazy about Flynn to begin with. He's jealous of the younger, clearly more talented singer. If I was Lucky, there would be no competition. But she is such a good girl, even though she knows it's Flynn, she wants to make sure she doesn't hurt Dylan.

Seriously, read this book. Flynn really is complete perfection. He's not only beautiful with that crooked grin and boyish charm. He's the total package. Sexy, swoon worthy and an incredible book boyfriend. I for one am obsessed. All I have been thinking about is what it would be like for Flynn to kiss the hell out of me (I just love that line).

So, great characters, great story and a five lip smack review from little ole me. 


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