"Was that necessary, you caveman?" she asked, still smiling once her laughter had calmed.

"Tell me who you belong to," I said sternly as I stood at the foot of the bed.

"Come again?" she asked, confused.

I grabbed her ankles and pulled her toward me, the blankets coming too and scrunching underneath her. Her eyes sparkled up at me, her breathing labored as she quickly realized what I wanted.

"Tell me... who you... belong to," I said slowly and deeply, ennunciating every word.

She licked her lips. "You."

"Tell me," I demanded, moving my lips closer to hers. So close I could lick her perfect bow-shaped mouth.

She didn't hesitate. "I belong to you, Kit. I'm yours."

"Again!" I demanded through gritted teeth as I pressed my knee harder against her, forcing her mouth to fall open.

"Yours, Kit. I'm yours," she whispered, her eyes watching me, never breaking contact with mine.

What happens after this interaction between Kit and Harmony is so freakin' hot you might need a cold shower to cool off. Donovan "Kit" Cranshaw is one hundred percent alpha male and uber sexy. The things that man does and says made me swoon through Addison Jane's entire novel. And yes, Kit is a caveman, but he's the best kind of caveman you can imagine. I can't help myself, I think the whole Kit laying claim to Harmony thing is hot as hell.

Harmony Jones is a club girl for the Brothers By Blood MC. In case you're new to the planet and you don't know what a club girl is I'll fill you in. Club girls take care of the brothers in the MC. They cook for the men, they clean for the men and they take care of other needs too. Now I'm not sure in the real motorcycle world what happens exactly, but I will tell you, strangely enough I found some of Harmony's chores as a club girl very erotic. When Slider walked into the bathroom and needed Harmony's "services", I'm not going to lie, I got a little hot and bothered.

Harmony might be a club girl, but she knows exactly who and what she is and makes no attempt to cover up or hide this fact from anybody. She's not trying to be anybody's old lady like many of the other club girls. Right now for Harmony, life as a club girl is exactly what she needs. Brothers By Blood gives her a place to live and pays for her college. As for the men, as long as they're respectful, Harmony doesn't mind keeping them happy.

For most of Harmony's life men have been a let down. She doesn't know who her father is and for the most part her mom's relationships with men have been fleeting. So Harmony has trust issues and doesn't plan on giving her heart to anyone.

That is until Kit comes along. From the second Kit sees Harmony in the club house he knows he wants Harmony to be his old lady. He sees the potential in Harmony to be more than just a club girl. You would think Harmony would jump at the chance to settle down with sexy Kit, but her attitude is just the opposite. She has no interest in anything long term.

Kit has become the President of another chapter of Brothers By Blood when his father retires from that position. Kit is a born leader and everyone including Harmony sees that. He shows up at the club chapter where Harmony is because his best friend Optimus is that club's Prez. In honor of the new Prez, Optimus' chapter is having several days of celebration to welcome Kit into the fold.  Kit is attracted to Harmony from the moment he lays his eyes on her. Harmony is just as attracted to Kit only she isn't looking for permanent. She's looking for a good time. When they finally come together,  their chemistry is absolutely smoldering. Just hearing Harmony describe Kit's body is mouth watering. His body sounds phenomenal and thinking about him is his cut with nothing under it is just....damn...

After Kit's time at the club is up, he obviously doesn't want to leave Harmony, but he also respects that Harmony's life is there. They promise to see each other as much as they can while Harmony is still in school. Harmony's not worried about long term because she feels Kit's going to leave her just like all the other men in her life. All the while Kit trying to make her see he wants something permanent with her.

Add into the romance of Kit and Harmony a scary stranger in a very expensive suit who keeps trying to kidnap Harmony and a MC brother who definitely isn't who he claims to be. Now you've now got a novel that's not only sexy, but it also a nail biter.

There are two plot twists in Harmony that you won't see coming at all. In addition to the plot twists, Addison Jane starts building her next story line between Optimus and Harmony's best friend Chelsea. I cannot wait to see where that story goes. Optimus obviously has love for Chelsea, but something is holding him back from making her truly his.

If you love MC books with strong women characters and steamy hot brothers who love their women like nobody's business, definitely read Harmony. It's sexy, it's naughty and there's enough angst and suspense just to keep things interesting. A definite four lip smack review and a new book boyfriend to swoon over.


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