"I became addicted to talking with her and telling her about my day and how the show went that I had just done. I looked forward to finding out how her day was. I looked forward to a 'good luck tonight' text from her or to see her on the screen when I finished a show. I counted the minutes, the seconds even. I wanted to see her face. I wanted to hear her voice. At first it was because I think I was a little homesick, but then...I don't know, Harlow, it became something more than that. It was more than the sex thing. I got to know her and, Christ, it's Willow. I mean Willow and me. Can you imagine?" 

If you've read M.R. Joseph's first two books in The Shore Series, noooooo, you really can't imagine Willow Taylor and Max Vincent together. I mean come on, the two of them are like oil and water. They don't mix. 

Well, that is until the night Harlow and Cruz get back together and Max and Willow wake up together, naked in his bed, the floor covered with condom wrappers. You get the picture. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) neither of them remember what HAD to be an epic night of passion.

Oh, by the way, if you haven't already read the first two books in The Shore Series, what are you waiting for?? One click them ASAP. Books one and two Giving In and Always In are Cruz and Harlow's story and you can find my reviews of both of them here.

Anyway, Willow and Max decide no one can know about what their sizzling night of sex and of course swear to each other this will never happen again. Only in Stumbling In oil and water actually do a good job mixing because Max and Willow just can't seem to keep their hands off of each other, and their chemistry is ridiculously hot. And have you seen the cover of Stumbling In? Would you be able to stay away from someone who looked like Max Vincent? I know I wouldn't.

As nice of a guy as Max is, he gets under Willow's skin in the worst way. They really, honestly need a friend around them to keep the peace whenever they're together. Then to top it all off, after their night together they go on this sort of pranking spree when it comes to each other. Mostly the pranking happens when one sees the other about to hook up. Hmmmmm...what do you think that means?

Deciding they kind of like the physical part of being together,  Max and Willow embark on a secret friends with benefits adventure. Around their friends they're the same bickering children that can't get along and generally need someone to make sure they play nice. When they're alone, they heat up the sheets, or any of the other many places they get down and dirty. Max Vincent is fantastic in bed and he and Willow can't get enough of each other. Not to mention the selfish, spoiled Willow who becomes "a giver" when she's getting naughty with Max.

I totally love Max and Willow. They are the epitome of the adage "opposites attract". Willow is a wealthy socialite. She's very spoiled, very bratty and speaks her mind all the time. Often without thinking with leads to trouble and Max usually being the one to call her out on her thoughtlessness. Her parents are loaded and they both adore her. Even with all of the good in her life, Willow has this hardness about her. She swears she's never getting married and absolutely wants no part of being in love.

Max is not wealthy at all. He was raised by a single dad and seems to have no interest in being filthy rich. He loves his friends and is very protective of them. And even though sometimes he doesn't agree with what his friends do, he has a filter. Something Willow doesn't have. But guess what? Max Vincent doesn't believe in love either. Imagine?

Here's the thing about Max and Willow. They're friends with benefit thing seems to be turning into something more (not that they would ever admit to it). They're both kind of realizing they like to spend time together. They also at times seem to be a little jealous when the opposite sex is showing interest in the other.

Their "relationship" grows when Max and his band with the help of Willow and her dad attract the attention of a music producer and go out on tour. Did I mention Max is in a band? Oh yes, he is, and when he's on stage singing he makes Willow swoon. But don't tell anyone I told you. On his tour, he looks forward to texts from Willow. He makes sure he talks to her after every show.

Then tragedy strikes Willow's life and at a time when she really, really needs Max, he totally bails on her. As likable as Max is...EVERYBODY gets mad at his little stunt and definitely let him know it.

Can Max find his way back to Willow? Is she ever going to let anyone into her heart again? You know what I'm going to tell you. Read Stumbling In. It's really super good. It's hot, it's funny and yes a little bit angsty.

There's more to this story than just Max and Willow. I love the way M.R. Joseph weaves the other characters and their stories into this book. More story lines are coming and I for one can't wait to see what's up next.

I am a huge fan of The Shore Series books. I spent my summers at the Jersey Shore so of course I love anything that revolves around beaches and summer love. Also, M.R. Joseph writes amazing characters. I fell in love with Harlow and Cruz in books one and two and the same with Max and Willow in Stumbling In. 

Oh, totally random, I love the way Willow got her name. It's so not typical of what you may think. Willow's relationship with her parents is so special. Hopefully she'll come to her senses and realizes it's ok to love someone with all your heart.

A five lip smack review for M.R. Joseph's Stumbling In. I can not wait for Thea and Porter's story. (Hint, Hint)


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