"Sweetheart, please will you just look at me," he whispers his plea, getting me right where he want me. Reluctantly, I turn and watch him step close again. My head is screaming at me to push him back, put an end to all of this, but my body's weak, my mind confused. "Okay, I came on too strong tonight. But, Bell, you have to know, I'm not walking away from this. I will win you back and when I do, you will be mine." He delivers his warning with a fierceness I've never seen in him.

Desertion by River Savage is the third book in the Knights Rebels MC series and let me tell you, these books get sexier each time. If you haven't started this series yet...what are you waiting for?? I'm sure you could read about the yummy Jesse Carter before reading Nix and Sy's stories, but why on earth would you want too??

Jesse Carter has been an important part of all of the Knights Rebels books so far. He is funny, sexy and really cares about the people he considers his family. So who knew Jesse is the one battling with probably the worst demons of all?  Demons he won't share with anyone. Demons that push him away from the woman he's falling for without even knowing it.

Nurse Bell, you might remember her from several of the Knights Rebels trips to the emergency room in past books. Jessie has made it very clear he wouldn't mind getting naughty with Bell Johnson. But as ridiculously attractive as Jesse is, Bell has made it her business to keep her distance and brushes Jesse and his naughty comments off, until, well she can't.

Bell Johnson, as much as she wants to avoid Jesse, thinks he and the Knights Rebels may be able to help find her sister who's been missing for seven years. Of course Jesse agrees to help and sees this as a way to spend time with Bell. He kind of tries to scam a date with her in order to help her find Paige and here's the thing Jesse doesn't date. He's a one and done kind of guy. That is until Bell comes along.

The attraction between Jesse and Bell is completely intense. It's not only physical though. They genuinely enjoy each other. They're comfortable with each other and they see the parts of each other that are broken. Here's the thing...Bell is willing to fix herself. Jesse doesn't believe he can or deserves to be fixed.

Try as they might to not have those feelings for each other of course they do. Their first time together, on Jesse's bike is smokin' hot. And if you love dirty talkers, Jesse's mouth is filthy perfection.

Everything about Jesse Carter is sexy and he knows it. He's absolutely gorgeous with his blonde hair and blue eyes. But what really does it for me is his body. He's so fit and those abs are ridiculous. Who am I trying to kid? EVERYTHING about Jesse Carter is beyond sexy.

Of course Desertion is mostly Bell and Jesse's story, but I love that River Savage brings all the Knights Rebels characters into the picture. The women of the Knights Rebels take Bell under their wing right away and are all about her being with Jesse. Sy and Holly are preparing for their wedding and of course Jesse and Bell are invited. Then there's Nix and Kadence who are just getting back to normal after having baby Low. 

The Knights Rebels are definitely badass bikers, but they're also good men and they love their women like crazy. I think when he realizes this Jesse freaks out a little and he pushes Bell away big time. 

So, we have Bell and Jesse battling pretty big demons. Jesse who always seems so happy go lucky is about to throw away a shot at happiness because he doesn't feel like he deserves it.  Bell realizes she hasn't really been living all these years because she's been so wrapped up in her sister's disappearance.

Can Jesse sort his issues out? Will the Knights Rebels be able to help Bell find her sister? Will Bell let Jesse back into her life?

The Knights Rebels are my absolute favorite MC series. I love each one of these sexy bikers and am always looking forward to the next book. Beau's story is up next and I can't wait to see what River Savage has in store for him.

I also love that even though they are rough around the edges bikers, they are also funny and always have each others backs. 

A four lip smack review for Desertion and Jesse Carter. He is definitely a swoon worthy book boyfriend and Bell is a lucky, lucky girl. Read it and you'll understand why.


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