I'd never felt more connected to a man than after our romp on his kitchen island, only a few days ago. With his sudden incapacity to even function, I felt the loss of him. Everywhere. My heart ached for Perkins Vale in a way I was trying to deny. While I lay next to him each night, he tossed in his drugged fog, and I traced the tattoo on his arm. It was thick and dark. The links of the chain were intricate and detailed with smaller designs. I let my fingers run over the outline of the large shield covering his heart. It was also detailed with a bright red cross and a dull white background. Outlined in black. I wondered if he placed it there to protect his heart. I'd worn a figurative shield over mine for so long, I almost didn't remember I had one. But when Perkins Vale told me he loved me, I cracked. When he told me he defended me because he loved me, I crumbled more. When he told me in his feverish haze, before I got Marie, that I was the love of his life, the chunks of protection fell away...

I know, I know. It's long and it's not really even a quote, but to me it's just so profound that even if you decide not to read The Quest of Perkins Vale, which I can't even imagine. At least you'll have that part of the story. 

So once again, I not an expert on the Legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, but L.B. Dunbar has woven a tale combining parts of the legend with parts of her own imagination and spun it into a story I have not been able to put down. Not to mention my impatience to learn what becomes of Arturo and the rest of the band.

If you haven't had the chance to read the first two books in the Legendary Rock Stars series one click now. Really, you need to know the whole story to appreciate what's going on in Perkin's book. 

If you read The Legend of Arturo King, you know the end of Arturo's book is kind of where Perkin's book begins. The motorcycle chase that ends the first book is the reason for Perkin's story. But really, Perkins story started way before that night.

Hollister SanGrael is the reason for Perkin's story. She's actually the reason for Perkin's existence. He's been searching for her since meeting her in the woods of Lake Avalon as a teenager. In their two meetings, somehow Perkins Vale falls completely in love with this girl even before knowing her name. Now that he has her with him, he doesn't plan on ever letting her go again. It is in fact his "quest" to keep Hollister safe.

Perkins and Hollister's story began to be weaved as teenagers. Their first meeting is a sort of fight between the two. The second time they meet is when Perkins promises to save Hollister. The two exchange something. Something that plays an important part in both of their stories.

Hollister has a plan that doesn't involve allowing Perkins to get close to her.  Even though she allows him to "rescue" her that first night. No one is really sure who was following Perkins and Arturo on the motorcycles, but one thing's for certain. Someone is after Hollister and you'll have to read to find out who that someone is. At the beginning of our story, Hollister doesn't think Perkins is the boy she met in the woods all those years ago.

Hollister seems to have something that two very different men want. One of these men (ok, really both) have taken her innocence from her. Even though she got away from both of them, they're clearly not done with her. But then again, they haven't met the very determined Perkins Vale. Remember, it's his mission to keep Hollister safe for the rest of her life.

Now let me explain something. I started this series completely loving Arturo King. And while I still love him, OMG...Perkins Vale (well really L.B. Dunbar) has made me fall ridiculously in love with a fictional character. Not that that's anything new for me, but I read and swooned over everything Perkins Vale did. 

His love for Hollister is so pure and yet when they're together Perkins is deliciously naughty. For someone so inexperienced, he absolutely knows how to work a woman's body. 

All I wanted to do was stare into those chocolate brown eyes and run my fingers through his short dark hair. Reading about his body wrapped protectively around Hollister made me melt into a puddle. 

Something I especially enjoy is how L.B. Dunbar includes all the Night's stories into each book throughout the series. Even though this book is mostly Perkins and Hollister's story, Lansing, Arturo and of course Tristan Lyons find their way in and you learn more about them.

Finally, I love the language L.B. uses. It just flows beautifully and Perkins....ahhhhh....the things he says to Hollister are just poetic. Yes I love Perkins Vale. He is stuck in my brain and I'm telling you he should be stuck in yours too!!

Read The Quest of Perkins Vale!! I mean read books one and two in the series first, but really one click Perkins. He is just perfection and the story is cool because it's based on something you probably learned in high school. It just has an edgy, rocker twist to it.

A four lip smack review for The Quest of Perkins Vale. Can't wait for Tristan's story!!!


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