A song came to mind about being stranded. A girl was there to save me, and now we would never be torn apart. She rocked gently over me and my thoughts shifted to the feel of her surrounding me. We were one. This was real and honest. The moral of my tale was nothing is truer than love; your heart will always find a way to win.

L.B. Dunbar has once again made me fall in love with one of the Legendary Rock Stars and this time it's Tristan Lyons turn. Ok, let me start with I am partial to green eyes, but that whole favorite flavor, heartbreaker thing had me thinking maybe I won't love him. I couldn't have been more wrong. 

As with all the Nights, Tristan Lyons has a story to tell. In The Truth of Tristan Lyons, L.B. Dunbar lets his story be told. We begin to learn why Tristan is the person he is today and how one meeting one person sends him on a road to wanting to be someone even better.

Tristan like the rest of the Nights is not taking the disappearance of their leader Arturo King and the rest of the chaos surrounding them well. You've already read how Lansing Lott and Perkins Vale handle their stories. Wait, you haven't? Well go one click right now. Tristan will wait until you get up to speed. Anyway, Tristan needs to get away from it all and winds up hiding away at a beautiful mansion in the Cayman Islands. Tristan is ready to drown his woes in booze and women until a tiny blonde throws a wrench into his plan. 

The blonde in question is named Ireland...just Ireland if you will and after she convinces Tristan she's not a groupie and she too belongs at this particular vacation home, they agree to stay and basically keep out of each other's way. And that works for them until it doesn't.

You see, Tristan isn't the only one that's hiding in this beautiful island paradise. Ireland is on the run and the girl has some pretty big secrets to hide. While they've decided to keep to themselves, they of course being two very beautiful people form an attraction.

Then Tristan finds out one of Ireland's secrets and to his great surprise what he learns makes him jealous. Tristan also comes to find out Ireland is very inexperienced when it comes to men. So he very graciously offers to give her "lessons" in pleasing a man. Of course these lessons please both Tristan and Ireland and they find themselves falling in, gulp, dare I say Only they won't admit their feelings to each other and considering Ireland's secret, inside both feel this hideaway relationship can only end badly.

The relationship Tristan and Ireland is not only incredibly sexy but genuine. Ireland is understanding and accepting of Tristan. They truly care about each other and I was cheering for them the whole way through.

Tristan and Ireland's adventure comes to an end when Ireland family learns where she's been hiding and come to collect her. Then there's also the phone call Tristan gets telling him something we've all been hoping for, Arturo is ready to come back. 

So our lovers are now separated, but not for long. Fear not, the fates will intervene and they will run into each other again. 

The Truth of Tristan Lyons also gets us caught up on the lives of Perkins Vale and Lansing Lott. I for one love seeing the band together. When they played for the first time since Arturo was lost it was fantastic. Then Arturo shows up and holy plot twist! 

As a book boyfriend, I told you at first, I didn't think Tristan was my cup of tea. Then L.B. had to go and give him green eyes and dark hair that he's always running his hands through and I was sunk. Not to mention his toned and tanned body that I was jealous Ireland could touch and I couldn't. What can I say? He's very sexy.

I love the way the story of the Nights is unfolding. I love the way L.B. Dunbar tells a story. I love the language she uses, how the story flows and how she keeps the rest of the Nights coming back into each story. 

Truthfully, I just keep liking these books more and more as the series goes on and as much as I'm excited for Guinie's story, I'm so sad that the series will be ending. That being said, if you haven't started the Legendary Rock Stars Series...DO IT NOW!!! It's sooooooooo amazing. I promise you'll love it.

A five lip smack review for L.B. Dunbar and The Truth of Tristan Lyons. I loved every bit of the book and Tristan.


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