I am not sure where to start this because I am truly speechless!!  My jaw is literally hanging open and I feel a bit shaky.  This book rocked me to my core!  I am not even exaggerating a little bit here people!  I was utterly consumed from page one.  I mean WOW, just WOW!!  I feel like a complete babbling idiot but Out of Time was just THAT good!

I want to say that if you have not read Nine Minutes, you should not read OOT.  You have to, in fact I did a re-read of Nine Minutes before I started Out of Time and I am glad I did.   OOT is such a complex detailed book, the background is so important.  I will also say Nine Minutes was an amazing read too!

OOT picks up where Nine Minutes ends and boy it goes straight for the jugular from page one.  Beth Flynn does an unbelievable job of weaving this web that the reader has no frigging idea what she’s going to toss out at you next.  I mean, it was just one shocking moment after the other, and when you think you know what is going to happen next, BAM!!!  She throws out a curve ball sending you in the complete opposite direction, where she thinks of this stuff, has me completely baffled, but I am so very happy she did!

I can’t really say too much because every little detail and word written are telling and I will not spoil this amazing journey for anyone.  What I will tell you is this; Out of Time explains A LOT!  And boy is there a lot of explaining to do.  You will find out all of the unanswered questions from Nine Minutes and more.  Questions that arise in this book are explained as well.  Grizz fans needn’t worry because this book goes from past to present and Grizz is all over this!  Grunt fans will be happy as well! Damn, but Ginny is one lucky lady!

There were a few things I can tell you that were so gratifying for me to learn about they were the descriptions and examples of Grizz’s love for Kit.  **SWOON**  Boy, did that man have a soft spot for his Kitten.  I am a big fan of bedroom scenes, I love them!  My friend and I were talking about these books and she said to me that even though this book did not have those scenes it did not matter because the story was so good.  It was then that I realized there was basically no sex in these books, I mean I did not even notice… That is how crazy great this story is. It really did not need it!  I know right? But it is true!

Let’s chat about Grunt for a sec….. Hmmm, this book brings to light a whole new Grunt in my opinion.  Let me just say, like father like son in so many ways!   Grunt’s love for Ginny is epic.  It goes back so many years and was so strong; he literally waited a lifetime to be with the girl of his dreams!  Like I said, what I wouldn’t give to be Ginny and to be loved so purely, so fiercely, so passionately… Yeah.

So, I sit here now and wonder how I am going to wait about 7 months or so to find out what happens next.  Yes, big cliffhangers here and I think I might go out of my mind waiting for the next book.  I am already sitting here imagining all these different scenarios.  I am going to pull my hair right out of my head. Beth Flynn is an evil genius! I will be not so patiently waiting for book 3 to come out!  5 lip smacks just doesn’t seem to cut it for this amazing story.  Out of Time by Beth Flynn just might be my favorite book of 2015, it will be extremely hard to top!!  Nine Minutes was so good I knew it would be near impossible to live up to such a high standard, but she did!  Amazing, wonderful and truly enthralling job Beth, Congratulations!


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