Wow!!  I am impressed!!  This is the first book I have read by KL Grayson and the first book written by BT Urruela and I loved it!!  I really did not know what to expect as this was a first time author and an author who was new to me, but let me tell you I was totally blown away.  I could not put this book down.  BT and KL manage to create a story written in dual POVs by 2 authors so effortlessly and completely seamless.  This story was emotional and meaningful from page one. 

Devin Clay’s POV was written by BT Urruela and I cannot even believe this was his first time writing.  He writes with so many emotions and I totally connected with Devin.  I felt the love, the loss, the pain and the anxiety.  I feel like my eyes were opened so much about the terrible times yet unwavering brotherhood our service men have faced day in and day out.  I wondered about how much BT gave of himself to writes these words and let us experience these feelings.  Thank you BT, for that gift, I will forever be grateful.

KL Grayson wrote Katie Devora’s part, and I instantly felt a kinship with Katie.  She suffered so much loss, and I could feel her struggle to just keep her head above water at times.  She was so brave, taking a chance on love again, stepping out from her safety net, and really being the kind of woman I admire.  I really enjoyed Katie’s honesty, I found it so refreshing and the fact that she said what was on her mind made me like her even more.

Katie and Devin were childhood friends and then lovers.  That really isn’t the right word, because even though they were young, clearly they were meant to be each other’s forever.  I felt it, and when Devin left I was truly as devastated as Katie I think.  I was that invested in these 2 from the very beginning.  10 years later and under some very sad circumstances fate steps in and Katie and Devin reconnect.  Their journey back to one another was truly amazing. Rebuilding their relationship back to where it was through letters, emails and phone calls, I felt that they were able to connect on such a deep and intimate level.  Words were all they had for a while and every one meant so much.  Finally, they were able to reconnect in the flesh and Sweet Jesus, the chemistry between Devin and Katie is scorching.  The steamy bedroom scenes were written beautifully as well…. Yeah, they were hot!

But life is not always that simple now is it?  Despite all the heartbreak and tragedy Devin and Katie have had to already endure, more is to come!!  God, I cried and I yelled and I was angry and yeah, I had to put my kindle down and take a break.  Of course my bravery for returning to my kindle was rewarded….. But it wasn’t that easy.. Life isn’t that easy now is it?

This story is a must read.  It is about love and loss and strength and bravery.  I really want to thank every service man or woman for giving up so much for us and our country. I will never be able to fully imagine the agony and anguish you have felt, but BT Urruela, your words have made me understand a little bit better now.  Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart and soul with us.  And to KL Grayson, thank you for showing us how to be brave and grateful here at home.  I know this quote will be used over and over again, but it is so breathtakingly beautiful I could not disrespect the authors by not putting it in here…

                  “We are fathers, brothers, husbands and sons.  We are dreamers, lovers, and God fearing men”

A Lover’s Lament easily earns a 5 Lip Smack rating from me!!!  Definitely one of my top reads this year!


  1. This means so very much to me! I can't tell you how much it means to us that you connected with Katie and Dev the way we did! Your support of our work couldn't be more appreciated! Reading this made my day!
    BT Urruela 😊


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