So I just finished reading Abbi Glines latest, The Best Goodbye and the words that popped in my brain were "Oh Captain, my Captain." I know, corny Moby Dick reference, but I couldn't help myself.

I you know me at all, you know I adore my Abbi Glines. She's one of the first authors I discovered after I read Fifty and I will read ANYTHING the woman writes.

She's done an unbelievable job with her latest, The Best Goodbye. I cannot get Captain and Addy and this story out of my head. Captain has now joined Rush Finlay and Beau Vincent as ultimate book boyfriends in my head.

I believe characters make a book and I have become so invested in Abbi's characters, I feel like they actually exist (well they do in my head, but you get the picture). I think The Best Goodbye is one of Abbi's best books to date. The story revolves around Blaire's ( The Fallen series) brother Captain who we've met in previous Abbi books and a new character. She starts out as Rose Henderson and ends up being Addy, the girl Captain though he lost so many years ago.

Ten years ago Captain was River Joshua Kipling and Addy was Addison Turner. She was a foster child that came to live with River's adoptive family. A family that was insanely dysfunctional and a family where River and Addy depended on one another for survival.

As hard as it was to read about the abuse Addy had to deal with, the love story of Addy and River even at such a young age was written beautifully. Every time either character remember their younger self, you see how deep and how real their feelings were for each other.

An unfortunate tragedy that I'm not going to share with you (hint, hint, read the book) tears Addy and River apart. It forces the two of them to change their identities and separates them for ten long years.

River as a homeless teenager meets another Abbi character and is taken under his wing. He changes his name to Captain and lives a life that eats away at his soul, all while mourning the only girl he would ever love.

Addy becomes Rose Henderson and it takes her ten years to find Captain, her protector and the love of her life. Only the boy she know is gone and she's not even sure she wants to know the man he seems to have become.

As a book boyfriend, Captain will be somewhere in my top ten for the year. He is so sexy and I think even a drop more alpha than Rush Finlay if that's even possible. Physically he's a beautiful man and with green eyes and sandy color hair, I was a goner. I don't even think sexy is a good enough word for him because when he gets with Addy after ten years, it is ridiculously hot. He is everything wrapped up in one hot steamy package.

I also love Addy. She is a strong, protective loving woman and next to Blaire, probably my favorite Abbi female.

As always Abbi writes a story I couldn't put down. I love the way her characters flow seamlessly from one story to another. I love the way she sets up characters for her next book (hint, think Major and Nan). My only complaint? I absolutely needed more Captain. I think there's more to his and Addy's story. Sooooooo, fingers crossed.

For me, The Best Goodbye is a definite five lip smack read. Reading any Abbi Glines book for me is like coming home. Kudos Abbi!! This one is brilliant!!


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