Where do I begin? Love Burns is the second book in the Love series and it was just as hot if not hotter than Mandi Beck's first book. Maybe that's why this one is called Love Burns .

Deacon and Frankie's story continues when another phone call from Frankie has Deacon coming to Frankie's rescue. When he gets a call that Frankie's ex-fiancé Andrew is once again at her door. This time Deacon gets there in time and pummels Andrew to within an inch of his life.

True story, Andrew deserves everything Deacon throws his way and I didn't feel one bit sorry for him. Unfortunately, Deacon and his team have to do a lot of damage control, because let's face it, when it comes to Frankie, Deacon has no boundaries and he completely loses it with Andrew.

Before Frankie's frantic phone call, she and Deacon have not been speaking. Deacon's been in Brazil for too long and done some majorly stupid things. The second he comes home and sees Frankie he decides to go to war to win her back.  As much as Deacon messes up with Frankie, his love for  her is all consuming and he knows he has to do everything in his power to make sure he ends up with his princess.

Here's the thing Frankie and Deacon love each other so much seeing them apart in the beginning of Love Burns brought tears to my eyes. I wanted them back together and I wanted everything to be perfect, but that's just not the way Mandi Beck works.

Deacon has to fight for his girl. Frankie is just not willing to be one of Deacon's girls. What Frankie doesn't get is she is the only girl for Deacon and he absolutely proves it in Love Burns. They're two people who love each other so much, but they're always keeping secrets from each other. Not keeping secrets to hurt the other, but keeping secrets to try to protect each other. Frankie finally tells Deacon the secrets and hiding things from each other has to stop or they'll never work.

So we have Deacon almost going to prison for his beat down of Andrew, we have Deacon making nice to the MMA Federation so he can keep fighting, and if that wasn't enough, now some unknown people are after Frankie and we don't even know what for! You honestly don't know who these people are or why on earth they want Frankie, but be ready for a bumpy ride and be ready to shed some tears because Mandi Beck definitely approaches ugly cry status in this one.

I have already professed my love for Deacon Jones when I reviewed Love Hurts and let me tell you my love for him only grew in this book. I don't care if he's caveman alpha. I friggin love him. He is beyond sexy in Love Burns and literally every time he and Frankie are together it is over the top hot and sexy.  Deacon is raw and real and I'll say it again. He is alpha male perfection at its best.

I love the way Mandi Beck writes Deacon and Frankie's characters. He is so insanely alpha and Frankie is definitely a kick ass chick. She's not about to take mess from anyone and I love her for that. I love the way everyone takes care of each other and they all have each other's backs.

I adore The Caged Love Series. I don't know whether Mandi Beck has anything else planned for the Love family, but I sure hope she does. I'm not quite ready to see the end of this family yet.

Once again a five lip smack review for Mandi Beck and a place on my top book boyfriends of 2015 for Deacon Love.


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