I just finished reading Forgetting August by J.L. Berg and Ho-Lee S**t!!!  I wanted this book from the blurbs I read but when I found out it ended with a cliffy I was hesitant to start it.  Cliffies make me nutso!! But my good friend Devika reminded me how much I wanted to read it and how good this book was so I dove in!  Cliffy and all this book was soooo good!!!

After a very rough and abusive relationship ended with August in a coma Everly finds herself in a very safe relationship with a very nice guy Ryan. That is until one day 2 years later August wakes up, and well he's not the same as he was but his heart knows who it loves.

August is absolutely one of the most interesting characters I've read.  This new August is so different from the old one. So loving and kind and innocent. Gah. I totally fell head over heels in love with him!!!  He was everything good about what  Everly remembered about the old August and more!!

And Everly, who even though she was so drawn to this man, she tried so hard to fight the inevitable. But old feelings always remained and August was most definitely not the monster she remembered.

I totally loved how this story played out. A once beautiful love turned ugly, then turned beautiful again.
Their early relationship was built on love and trust over the years. I like how Everly and August take the time to build that once again and make new memories that sometimes are paired with the old.

But old demons still linger and with that comes the danger. And a whole lot of understanding for me! I totally understood why August did the things he did but that doesn't make this story any less heartbreaking. I'm not going to lie. I cried a couple of times in this book, because boy, was there some legitimate pain.

And, lets not forget about the secondary characters who were quite interesting as well!  I am completely and totally suspicious of them all though I might say... Sarah, Brick and Ryan. My mind was going through all sorts of conspiracy theories with these 3. Who was Sarah dating?.... Why did Brick chose to become a friend?....Why is Ryan so damn nice?....   Hahahaha. Yeah, you see why I don't always read Cliffies?  I make myself crazy.

The end of the book totally left me with my mouth hanging open!! I mean come on!!! I feel like I knew it was coming and I was anxious for this moment but STILL!!! Why?  You're totally killing me!! I have so many questions..... I cannot wait until book 2 comes out!! Please don't leave us hanging too long JL Berg!!

A definite 5 lip smacks from me. I loved this book!


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