"Since I was a kid you've been the first and last thing I have thought about every day of my life. I know everything about you, your, eyes, your smile, your laugh, your sassy spitfire personality, taking no shit from anyone, including me. I lie awake every night missing you, there's this huge hole in my heart where you used to be, and I don't care because it reminds me of you. It doesn't matter where I go, where I'm at, or whom I'm with, you're with me. I love ever single thing about you. I love you because I need you. I love you because there is no me without you. I love you because I can't stop loving you, and I would be lying if I said I had tried." 

I had already been in love with Lucas Ryder even before he said these words to Alexandra "Half Pint" Collins. I loved him despite all of the stupid boy things he did. I loved him even when he hurt Half Pint and brought me to tears. I loved him even though I literally cried my way through this entire book. M. Robinson, you have created a character that gave me my first book hangover in a long, long time. As I typed the quote I used, my eyes filled up with tears. And if you think that quote was beautiful, what he says next will blow you away.

So like everyone else in the world, my TBR list is ridiculously long and of course, I'm always adding to it. I came across this adorable teaser of a little boy holding a newborn baby girl. I read the blurb, one clicked and started reading. Once I started, I couldn't stop.

M. Robinson has written such a beautiful story of friendship, love and heartache, it shattered me into a million pieces and put me back together again. Have you one clicked it yet? Go ahead, hurry up. You need to read this book.

Complicate Me is the story of a group of kids that basically have been friends since they were babies. Their parents are friends, so of course the children grow up together and become best friends. Lucas, Dylan, Jacob and Austin are the boys of the group. Lucas, Dylan and Jacob are the same age. Austin is one year younger and then there's Alexandra "Half Pint" Collins, the youngest of the bunch and the proverbial "little sister".

Here's the thing, Lucas and Alex have always had this really intense bond. All of the boys are protective of Alex, but Lucas is especially protective of her. As children they told each other they loved each other and truly meant it. As children, Alex was always trying to prove herself as one of the boys. To Lucas it was always Half Pint and all other females were "just girls".

Until one day Alex isn't one of the boys anymore. She's a beautiful teenage girl. One thing Alex has always been sure of is that her heart belongs to Lucas Ryder. She never doubted it for a minute. Lucas knows he loves Alex, but she's younger than him by two years and she's innocent and pure and for some reason he doesn't think he's good enough for Alex. 

The two spend years fighting through their feelings, breaking each others hearts, walking away from each other, and every once in a while coming together in a way everyone reading Complicate Me knows they should be together. 

From their first innocent kiss when Alex was eleven, to the night Alex asks Lucas to take her virginity, their relationship is a heart breaking roller coaster ride. And I loved every minute of it. M. Robinson writes such amazing characters, you'll truly believe you know Alex and Lucas. You'll feel everything they feel. The joy and the pain.

Alex such an amazing character. She is totally wise beyond her years and is someone I would definitely be friends with. She loves Lucas with every fiber of her being. When she hurts you'll hurt and want to knock Lucas upside the head. 

I wanted so much to be able to hate Lucas, but I couldn't. He loved Alex fiercely. From the time she was a tiny baby,  Alex told everyone she belonged to him. Even so, Lucas spends a lot of Complicate Me hurting Alex and pushing her away. Eventually, he pushes her into the waiting arms of Cole Hayes. I'll let you sort through that when you read it.

I can't lie, this is an incredibly angsty read. Usually I don't do well with angst, but I'm telling you, this story is just so amazing. It's one of those books that grabs a hold of your heart and doesn't let go.

Since Complicate Me is the first book in this series, all of the characters play a big part in Lucas and Alex's story. You really get to know the good ol' boys. You also get insight into what and who kept Lucas and Alex apart for so long. Sometimes we think we're doing the right thing, but it turns out all wrong. Oh my Jacob, here comes karma for you...

M. Robinson, thank you for giving me my best read of 2015. Thank you for giving me Lucas Ryder and the rest of the good ol' boys. I've already finished Jacob and Lily's story and I can not wait for Dylan and Aubrey. 

A five lip smack review for Complicate Me and if you haven't one clicked it yet...what on earth are you waiting for??

The reason I one clicked...

Why I'm completely in love with Lucas Ryder...


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