"He was the reason she was here. In that split second that I laid my eyes on her I wanted to be the reason she stayed."

OMG can you say swoon??

Like most of Jay Crownover's fans, I was sad to see The Marked Men Series come to an end with Asa's story. Of course learning about Zeb and the Saints of Denver Series definitely lessened the blow.

I was totally excited to read Zeb's story the second I found out he was going to have his own book. At first I thought Zeb and Sayer were an odd couple (which they are), but, they are also perfect for each other. Unless of course Jay could have written me into the story. Then I would have fought Sayer for him.

Zebulon Fuller, tatted up ex-con, with forest green eyes and dark mussed up hair had my attention from the start. But what made him my first book boyfriend of the New Year was what an unbelievably incredible person he is. He's intense and passionate in everything he does. He never tries to hide who he is. He is beyond sexy and I was hot and bothered through the entire story.

We met Zeb in Rowdy. He's a good friend of Rowdy and Asa. We learn a little bit about him. He's an ex-con, He owns his own construction company and he's a really cool guy.

Of course in Built, Jay gives us more of his background story and you learn what makes him tick. He cuts an imposing figure being over six feet all and covered with ink. And yet something about him is so sexy, you want to know more about him.

Ok back to Built, actually wait, back to Rowdy, only because that's the first time Zeb saw Sayer Cole and well that first quote says it all. He saw her and even though he didn't know her and she was only at The Bar for Rowdy, he wanted to be the reason for her to stay in Denver.

In case you don't know, Sayer is Rowdy's half sister. She reaches out to him because the idea of having an actual family is everything she's ever dreamed of. So she uproots her life and moves to Denver to bond with her newly found brother. Said brother gets Zeb to do the remodeling work on Sayer's house and a crush is born.

Yep, as opposite as they are, they are both totally into each other. The kind of lose sleep and have sexy dreams nightly into each other. Zeb is ready to go all in with Sayer. Sayer, as much as she wants Zeb (and believe me she wants him) is afraid. Afraid for Zeb to see all the broken parts of her.

Someone from Zeb's past comes back into his life and the two embark on a strictly professional relationship. Except, let's be real here, there is far too much chemistry between this couple to even pretend they only want professional. The kisses they share are panty melting and when they finally seal the deal....well let's just say, I needed a cooling off period.

Zeb and Sayer are both broken in different ways. Zeb's never afraid to put his pieces back together. It's one of the things I loved most about him. Sayer is a different story. She's afraid. Afraid to try and love Zeb. Here's a beautiful thing, he never pushes Sayer to love him. He let's her come to her truth on her own.

I love the way Jay Crownover writes. I believe she's one of the best out there since I happen to love everything she writes. Her stories flow seamlessly and there's so much feeling put into them you absolutely become completely invested in her characters.

I also am thrilled the Marked Men are popping up in this new series because I need to know what's happening in the lives of my Denver people.

And can we just talk about the cover model for a second? I could stare at him all day long. I can't tell you how many times I flipped my iPad back to the cover just to look at him. 

A five lip smack review for my first read of the New Year. Thank you Jay Crownover. I'm looking forward to the rest of this series!!


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