Well hot damn, one look at that cover and I knew I was in!!!  The Baller is a new novel out by Vi Keeland, and I really loved it!  The story centers around New York Steel QB Brody Easton and sports newscaster Delilah Maddox. 

Brody Easton is every single thing I love in a book boyfriend.  He is a seriously hot football player, a dirty talker, an alpha male and I loved everything about him!  As the story unfolds and I got to know Brody better I could clearly see what a loving, generous and really good man he was, unlike the arrogant a-hole persona he often allows people to believe he is. 

Delilah Maddox is a woman trying to make it in a man’s world and doing a pretty good job of it!  I think she has my dream job, by the way!  Landing the coveted job of football sportscaster for her TV station Delilah knows she has to work extra hard to be taken seriously and she does just that.  She’s smart and sexy and confident in herself and her skills.

Delilah and Brody meet when she does her first locker room interview with the Steel. Brody pulls a stunt, that frankly should make Delilah hate him, but well let’s just say that Brody has A LOT going for him in lots of ways!  Despite the attraction, Brody and Delilah get to know each other first, which as a reader I really liked.  There was so much flirty banter, friendship and some serious sexual tension between the two and it made for such a better story!

Both Brody and Delilah have been in love in the past and for both of them things did not end well, to say the least. These circumstances make both of them hesitant to start new relationships and afraid of getting hurt. Honestly, I couldn’t blame them. Throughout the story, they each reveal the stories of their sad pasts and, well, let’s just say that in some cases our pasts come back to haunt us!

There were things that I loved and really enjoyed about Brody and Delilah and their personalities… Little things that made me laugh or warmed my heart!  Delilah and the way she put together people’s initial to make words.  Her friendship with Indie totally cracked me up more than once.  Then there is Brody, who would rather send a vase full of sticks rather than roses.  What made me love Brody the most was his relationships with his pseudo grandma Marlene who suffers from dementia and the elderly worker Grouper from the home she is in.  Brady goes above and beyond for both of these people every week and it made him such a loveable and admirable man!

Tragedy, pasts, death and jealousy all come in to play in this book, but is the love, honesty and trust that Delilah and Brody build strong enough to see them through it all?  You’ll find out!!  I highly recommend this smart, witty sexy and warm novel by Vi Keeland!!  The Baller gets 5 loving lip smacks from me!!


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